Saints Row The Third To Get Free DLC

THQ have taken a break from slapping people round the head with a super sized purple schlong to announce that Saints Row The Third will be receiving some free DLC in shape of Cheapy D.

You will able to call Mr. D via the in game phone and he will assist you in battles and ‘shoot people in the face.’


The pack will be released on January 17th and will be free. PSN owners can simply download the pack, Xbox 360 owners must download the Genkibowl VII Viewer Pack (free) or purchase the Genkibowl VII DLC Pack (560 MSP).  PC gamers will find Steam wil automatically patch the game.

Peter gave Saints Row The Third a commendable 8/10 and it’s well worth picking up. I am about to have a game myself, I’ll be the big ginger hunk running about in arseless leather chaps.

Source: YouTube



  1. That’s some good news about the DLC :) brilliant game that makes no excuses or takes itself seriously

  2. cant wait! I feel we need more places to explore though im getting bored of the scenery…

  3. arseless leather chaps?

    why is it that doesn’t surprise me?

    oh yeah, because it’s Tuffcub. ^_^

  4. Nah I won’t ever take him.

    • Yeah, I don’t think I would either – haven’t really used many of the “homie” options throughout the game. I’ve found that SR3 has a bit of Assassin’s Creed about it: if you focus on the territory takeover side as early as possible (i.e., pre-STAG), you can reach the higher respect levels and unlock the infinite ammo/no damage health perks pretty easily. So no need for homies, when you’re a one man/woman/zombie army. But yay! Free stuff!

  5. I wonder how cheap I can get this game, might check up amazon and give it a pop.

  6. I just wish that they’d add some more hair options. In Saints Row 2, my character had a creepy resemblance to me, but in this one, the closest hair to mine is the default.

  7. I liked the bit where he was on fire.

  8. All hail free stuff!

  9. Jesus…

  10. Is it just me that HATES the “homies” that come to help? All they do is get in the way and steal your kills.

    • i dunno, they made an effective meat shield.

      and they were handy on the, oh crap i forgot what they were called, the bit where you had to fight off waves of some gang outside one of your shops.
      those bits.
      the homies were handy then for staying outside while i stayed behind the shop door taking shot at any enemy gang members dumb enough to walk in front of the shop. ^_^

      at least until those cows with the skates on start arriving.

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