Origin Required To Play Mass Effect 3

BioWare Community Co-ordinator, Chris Priestly, recently took to the official Mass Effect 3 boards to address users’ questions regarding the interaction between the upcoming sci-fi epic and our favourite video game distribution service on the Citadel, EA’s Origin (not).

In short, Priestly confirmed that, unlike recent BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 won’t be exclusive to Origin with a number of third party digital outlets currently taking pre-orders. However, to access the game users will need to authenticate their copy via Origin, regardless of whether they own the physical or digital version. ME 3’s co-operative multiplayer will also require a constant connection to the service.


Priestly also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 won’t be coming to Steam, at least not “during initial release.” Last year EA pulled a number of games from the popular digital vendor including Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2; due to restrictive terms of service, EA claimed it wasn’tt able to access and moderate content in an efficient, timely manner, leading to the launch of Origin.

Just to confirm, this only effects those who are planning on buying the PC version. Origin has yet to permeate into the realm of home consoles.

Source: Official BioWare Community Boards



  1. Well then that will result in alot of lost sales. Stupid EA.

  2. Origin has permeated into home consoles, battlefield 3s battlelog required it at great annoyance to myself.

    • I haven’t installed Origin and i can still use battlelog i play on PS3

      • To use the proper battlelog which is browser based, you have to sign in using an origin account.

      • Oh yeah lol i didn’t think of that since i already had an EA account from earlier games and i thought you meant the Origin program

      • Having to use the web, to check on next unlock etc, is a drag.
        (elite tv only web based, they failed to mention.) me3 on ps3 for me, still yet to finish me2. Looking forward to squad armour implementation.

  3. You gotta love EA, thinking silly things like this will benefit them. I pity them XD

  4. i can see a point some time in the, near, future, when i will just completely stop buying games from ea.
    that will probably be when they put this tie the game to one user and require a constant net connection to their god awful servers on console games.

  5. Don’t like EA at all.

  6. I’m still holding out from Origin. I love Steam and I hate the fact that EA is trying to force people away from it by keeping their own games exclusive to Origin. Same goes with Games for Windows Live – it’s such awful software compared to Steam, I feel agrieved that I’m forced to use it for games like Bioshock 2 and Fable 3.

  7. hahaha this is just sad…
    i know a guy that will rage and maybe kill someone when he hear this news… better stay inside a couple of days now…

  8. Bad move. If I were still buying games on PC that could equal one lost sale (if it was a game I’d want, still undecided on ME3). Same applies if they try to force me to have an account with them for the console version.

  9. Ps3-version it is then. Not that I hate Origin, it’s just EA trying to counter piracy and Valves ruleset on Steam. It’s mostly due to my ageing computer and dislike of using two programs to do the same job.

    I think that forcing physical copies to run through Origin isn’t a bad idea to help ward off pirates and it might have a positive effect on the online portion of the game somehow, although the pirates will find a way to circumnavigate the protection. But keeping the digital version exclusive to Origin is a bad move.

    • Or it could end up being an inconvenience for paying customers that pirates won’t have to deal with, thus making piracy more attractive.
      You’re probably right about their reasons, just saying that it might not work the way they intend at all.

  10. I won’t be getting it on pc, I only like having one digital distribution service and steam is awesome, I found mass effect 2 better on ps3 anyway.

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