PS Vita Updated To Version 1.52

Sony has pushed out a system update for PlayStation Vita, taking the machine up to version 1.52 (or, more accurately, 1.520).  The update, which is available now, takes less than a minute to grab (and two to install) and whilst there’s no change-log of sorts listed on the machine, it’s widely assumed that it fixes a 3G related bug.

Crucially, I’ve been having an almost daily issue with my European Vita that prevents the unit from powering on, and this update doesn’t appear to address that.  Basically, if it’s left on for a number of hours in standby, when you return to it you need to give it a hard reset, by holding down the power for 30 seconds or so.


Naturally, this closes any games in progress, the main point of standby.

Hopefully this and any other niggles are ironed out before the Vita hits the UK and US in the middle of February.  You can read our full review of the console here and we’ll be taking a look at the system’s launch titles over the next couple of weeks.  We think it’s a brilliant machine, but let’s wait and see about the games…



  1. Still haven’t ordered mine yet. Waiting to here how much the 3G will cost here in the UK. If it’s too much I’ll simply stick with the wi-fi model which means I can spend more on the games instead.

    • I just don’t see why you’d actually want the 3g, its totally pointless isn’t it?

      • Well, not really, although I wouldn’t be interested in it. It’s nice for Near, and browsing whilst you’re out, but most games won’t play online unless you’re using Wi-fi.

      • It’s my understanding no games will play online without WiFi connection and I browse the web on my phone. Seems like a lot of money just for near! Upfront payment and monthly sim payments.

      • Some games (hot shots for example) have asynchronous online play over 3G

      • Hustle Kings on the PS Network will have 3G play aswell. but to be fair, with blutooth can we not just teather a wifi model to a compatible internet sharing phone?

      • On many devices you can turn your phone into a wifi access point using its 3G. It’s actually a pretty handy feature

  2. I’m still confused as to what you can use the 3G network connection for? I’ve heard you can’t use it for multi player, nor game downloads? So what use is it?

    • The social networking, Twitter & Near.

      • Extra £50 plus some kind of contract or pay as you go agreement for “Social Networking features”… Errr no thanks. I’ll buy two more games instead.

      • Unit 13 allows you to download challenges and one day unlock of levels you haven’t done over 3G so there is some game play to be done using it.

    • I think I’d be happy enough with a Wi-Fi only version. The only reason I’d even consider the 3G version would be so that I can play online on the move, but if you can’t do that then I don’t see the point of it!

  3. Sony putting out a product that needs to be fixed with updates? Christ almighty, do they actually test their products anymore? I mean what nofi says about having to hard reset is a massive problem, how can that get missed?

    • Who doesn’t use updates anymore? All the big tech products do now.

    • They’ve got tens of thousands of testers….. everyone who buys one.

  4. must…close….security holes…
    honestly, those poor guys in charge of the security of the PSP/Vita must be so tired of constant know what? if i ever meet one ill buy him a cuppa and give him a back rub.

  5. Any word on Sony updating the browser? What would be the point in 3g for the social side as in twitter, facebook or what have you when the browser is cat! The browser is keeping me from buying the 3g version.

  6. I’m only interested in the Wifi version and hopefully the Sleep issue you’ve been having will be fixed -hang on .. You have a European Vita? I thought you had to import a Japanese model to get one this early?

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