Rumour: Two New Legend Of Zelda Titles In Development

According to an image on 4chan, Nintendo are working on two new Zelda title for 3DS. Their apparent names are Ice Prophecy & Fire Prophecy. Check the image below.

Back in November 2011 Eiji Aunoma confirmed that a new Zelda title was in the works for 3DS. There was no mention of two titles, but it has happened before when LoZ: Oracle of Ages and LoZ: Oracle of Seasons launched at the same time on the Gameboy Color.

As usual take this rumour with a pinch of salt as we cannot rule out the possibility of the image being a fake.

Source: ScrewAttack



  1. Given how much I am loving Skyward Sword at the moment I can safely say the more Zelda the better :D

  2. Since when were the Zelda games based in Westeros?

    • Link has a claim to the throne as well apparently…:p

  3. Stupid Nintendo, now I really want a 3DS. But surely I can’t justify buying two handhelds. Or can I?

    • Course you can! :D You can get a 3DS + an excellent game for under £150 now if you shop around which is what, the same price as a vita memory card? ;D

      • Don’t tempt me! :-D

        I’m probably somewhat likely to buy a 3DS after a hardware revision.

      • That’s what I’m waiting for. With the second stick add-on thing, do you think it’s safe to assume yet that they’ll add in stick number two with a re-design?

      • I think it’s likely enough for me to hold off buying one until I know for sure. And a revision might have a better 3D screen and batterylife as well.

      • I’m waiting for a hardware revision as well, though it is getting harder!

      • Given Nintendo’s track-record I’m sure a hardware revision is on the cards but, given the circle pad pro peripheral is basically free, there isn’t much benefit holding out really

      • The benefit to me is being able to use the device with (hopefully) two circle pads without it resembling a dogs dinner. Also, I’m sure there’ll be side benefits as suggested by Kennykazey.

  4. It should be mentioned that the image was allegedly spat out from the depths of 4Chan.

    After studying the image, I’ve found that the shine on the “Zelda” text differs, the flaming orbs do look rather shopped and I think they are “too detailed”. A friend of mine also mentioned that there was some suspicous pixels on the borders of the text, which is true and easy to spot on the blue logo. It looks like the “Zelda” text was copied from somewhere else and pasted in. The most realistic IMO is the subtitle-font which has that Nintendo-handheld-game look to it and is well detailed.

    It could be a legit but early concept, or it could be a fake. After the Okami Wii cover-art failure with the IGN-watermark, anything is possible.

  5. 3DS revision + two new Zelda games would most likely make me really consider getting one.

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