Sixteen Minutes Of Jak & Daxter HD

Two videos recorded at Sony’s Foster City office have been posted on YouTube. They show seven and half minutes of gameplay from the shiny new HD version of Jak II and eight and half minutes from Jak III.

As would expect the game looks rather fine in HD, with the possible exception of a couple rather chunky low res boulders rolling down a cliff around the 3m30s mark in Jak II.


The video ends with a look at the virtual trinkets from the HD collection which trophy hunters will be delighted to find includes three shiny platinum trophies.

Source: YouTube



  1. Only really interested in the original so hopefully they release them seperately on the PSN ala Sly Racoon

    • I have never played any of these. My gf really likes them so I’m getting the whole set. Good for some trophies ala Sly.

  2. I loved all the Jak & Daxter PS2 games (except the racing one which wasn’t terrible but, you know).
    This is the first HD collection I’ve been really excited about.

    • Oho yeah! The boys are back, baby!

  3. Can’t wait for this, already got some money set aside for it :D

  4. Leave me alone Sony!! I can’t play that much!!

  5. I didn’t get any Jak & Daxter games first time round but i love naughty dog games so definitely getting them this time round.

  6. Not interested in the HD collection because I didn’t like the original but great for those that have been wanting this for a long time.

  7. This is a must. I may start with Jak 3 to at least get one first platinum :p hehe just kidding but I hope I don’t get pipped to them by blackredyellow like with GOW vol II. I’m really looking forward to them as I know I barely got to play the Jak series as I was too focussed on the Ratchet and Clank series but I know they’re similar after a few hours with Jak 1/2/3 (no idea which one I had).

  8. Colour me excited. Only got to play the 1st on the PS2 so im looking forward to giving Jak 2&3 a run out in HD.

  9. Can’t wait!! When is this out?? :(

  10. Not sure why Sony ignored J&D for so long this gen, Precursor Legacy was one of my fave PS2 games & they’d have made a great ‘mascot’

    If they receive separate digital releases & people do only buy 1, make sure it’s that one

    • Nah, 2 and 3 were better. I played 2 first so playing 1 felt like a step back to me. Opinions. :)

      • I played them all in order and I think each one was a big step forward. That said, the first did have a more colourful, cutesy feel so maybe people prefer it for that,

      • I loved them all, but I agree that the game took a step up in terms of storyline from the sequel. Cannot wait!

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