THQ Refutes Cancellations Rumour

Yesterday industry veteran Kevin Dent took to the Twittersphere, posting a number of updates that suggested Saints Row/WWE publisher THQ was in a spot of bother.

According to what Dent relayed, THQ has ceased working on the Disney license and has returned the IP, also cancelling the entirety of its 2014 line-up including Vigil’s upcoming Warhammer 40,000 MMO, Dark Millennium.


THQ has been quick to respond, discrediting the latter rumour and confirming that the company has a solid 2014 line-up in the works. However, in terms of the Disney license, Dent may have been right on the money; as part of an “ongoing review” THQ is dedicating less resources to video games aimed at younger audiences, instead working to fortify its core and digital output.

The firm’s tablet accessory, uDraw, wasn’t cited though we’re sure it has had a part to play in THQ’s drift away from the kids’ market.



  1. Keving Dent has tweeted “I said something that I believed to be a solid rumor, it wasn’t true ” – tsk.

  2. we could give him an electronic brain, a simple one would suffice….

  3. They should cancel what they’re making. It’s all rubbish, hasn’t been a good game from them in years.

    • DoW2, Metro 2033 and Space Marine were good games, not special but good.

      • UFC 2010 has been the single biggest time sink of this gen for me. Given that it’s closest rivals for my time have been RPG’s Skyrim and Dark Souls and FPS Mag, that’s not bad for a beat ’em up. Not for everyone I know, but one of my fave games this gen.

      • DemoCroc’s right on the money there, though for me Red Faction: Guerilla is included as well.
        I found them all special in different ways though (Massive Warhammer fan, my profile pic gives it away, and Metro 2033 was one of the most atmospheric FPS’s I’ve ever played).

    • Saints Row 3 is a damn good game.

  4. Only reason that it’s still worrying is because most rumours are either true or false, and this rumour seems to be correct about the Disney thing…

    Also, they were alittle bit weird about DM, saying:
    “(THQ) has not made any decisions regarding the planned MMO”

  5. Also heard about Homefront 2 and Crytek are doing the multiplayer job.

    • Where Crytek not taking over the whole ip? Thought i read that somewhere, could be well wrong though.

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