WeView Verdict: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the goals with WeView is to try and create a bit of a difference of opinion, to find those games that split people. That’s not to say we go looking for fights, but it’s a lot more interesting when we get a variety of opinions and it’s a close run thing. Final Fantasy XIII has certainly delivered that, with the entire scale of verdicts filled and a wide variety of thoughts on the game coming in from all corners.

For a start there were those of you who were positive about the game, enjoying this particular entry into the Final Fantasy series. Amongst these was Nylon_Crash who praised the games graphics, calling them “fantastic,I would go as far as saying beautiful.” before commenting that the “…details are awe inspiring from the threads in their clothes to the pores on there skin and eye lashes.”

[drop2]It’s not just the graphics that seem to be worthy of note though, with the game’s combat coming in for praise from KeRaSh. “The battlesystem is probably my favourite battlesystem to date.” they said, and went on to defend some of the general criticism of the game. “Yes, you can’t control every character but if you were able to you’d be stopping the flow of the battle because on top of selecting abilities for your main characters, you have to be quick when changing the Paradigms at strategic points.”

The point with a split in opinion is that there’s a bit of difference as well, so clearly there were those of you who weren’t quite as enamoured with the game. The game’s linearity came up for particular criticism, with many of you feeling it went against the core of the Final Fantasy series.

Amongst those taking issue with the game was The Lone Steven whose frustration was clear. “But the worse thing this game has done is be very linear.” he said, the anger clearly in full flow, ” I mean, for the first half(?)/10 chapters of the game, you are forced to go down a linear path in order to progress.”

It wasn’t just Steven either, in fact yogdog decided to make it the entirety of his review. “Really didn’t enjoy it, too linear an RPG for me. Avoid it.” was all he had to say on the title.

In fact the game’s story and level design weren’t singled out because of their linearity, Adiemus had other complaints of  a linear nature. “The leveling system itself is also linear with no real choice in what you should take,” they complained, “it’s more a case of do i get that skill now or 10 enemies later.”

Part of the problem is the expectations that any Final Fantasy game creates, the memories of older games in the series and the hopes that those build. As Roynaldo nicely states, XII is different but not necessarily bad.

If you are looking to relive your youth with a next gen VII, VIII or IX then you are in for a shock…which occured on many. If you are looking for a different style RPG with superb visuals and story, casting aside your comparisons over other FFs, then you will be delighted with your purchase.

So, with some of your views of the game looked at it’s time to count up the votes and see what your overall verdict of the game was. It was looking like a fairly close run thing until page three of the comments, but then things swung around quickly. So, coming last with three of your votes was Avoid It. Next up by just one vote is Bargain Bin It with four of you selecting it. Again stepping up just one more vote was Rent It with five of those taking part picking it. However Buy It doubled up on votes, coming first with ten of them.



  1. I wish i didn’t pay full price for it as it took me 2 years to actually give it a proper go.(before i got fed up with it). I may return to it someday. I wonder if Kris would consider Bayonetta, DMC4, GOW1HD, POP,COD4,Fallout 3 or NV(or any of the add ons),Dragon Age 2,GTA4 or Half 2 for this week’s weview?

    • That’s a lot of considerations. Hopefully it will be a Fallout game. Never played a FF game so after not a very clear win for buy it and I dont really want to.

    • You don’t “consider” Bayonetta. What’s wrong with you? :P

      • He prefers Paper woman. ;) Or was it Origami Figures?

      • The reply is to you Steven, not me ;)

  2. Wow, after going through the first page of comments of the WeView article a week ago I was certain that FFXIII would recieve an undeserved verdict of “avoid it”.
    I’d like to point that just after mentioning Roynaldo it probably should say XIII instead of XII.

  3. Good game in its own right but not really a FF title. The demo for XIII-2 has given me hope the series isn’t dead yet though. Looking forward to picking that one up :)

  4. Yay, first mention! :P

    • GET OUT! :p I suggested it so yeah. :P

  5. Glad it got an overall review of “BUY IT”.
    I also think the Roynaldo quote sums it up perfectly.

  6. I think Roy actually meant XIII, but would say that about XII as well.

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