First Trailer Released for Test Drive: Ferrari

The first trailer has been released for Test Drive: Ferrari. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, the game is set for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this March.

To me the trailer looks good, with a nice selection of Ferraris shown off.

Source: YouTube


  1. Looks like Shift 2. Hopefully without the lag.

  2. Looks like Shift 2. With or without the lag, that’s not a good thing

  3. The cars seem to slide around like they were driving on ice with butter for tyres. Might give this one a miss.

  4. I hope it’s a lot better than Shift 2 as I like the idea of driving the old F1 cars.

  5. Not sold on it. Looks like Shift 2 and by the looks of it has the same handling. Only good thing will be the file type will most likely be the same for this and TDU 2 on PC. Should make modding easy. Get some new Ferrari’s in TDU 2, but that’s about the only reason I would want it.

  6. Drifting up Eau Rouge? Seriously?
    Will this just be track racing, or will it be open world? Looks like just tracks… :(

  7. On a second viewing I’ve decided it looks dump.

  8. I could forgive the handling with TDU1 and 2 as the worlds were so special. Nothing makes me want to play this when I’ve got GT5 or Live For Speed, cars simply don’t drift like that, they hardly drift full stop, especially Formula 1 cars.

    • F1 cars from the 50s and 60s did move about a lot and could often be seen sliding through a corner. This however is a bit too much even for those. Looks like the developers have been watching Top Gear instead of actual Motorsport on which to develop the games physics.

  9. don’t get why the cockpit blurs at high speeds, yeah it looks cool and focuses you on the road, but when i want to check my speed, it’s kinda tricky. Other than that, it looks too slidy, and I wouldn’t want to only be able to drive Ferraris, clearly not the game for me.

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