Starhawk Gets Release Date, Public Beta Begins

The US release date for Starhawk has been announced over on the US PS Blog. Those interested will want to mark May 8th in their diary. As well as this news, the public beta (for PlayStation Plus subscribers and all Private Beta participants) also kicks off today, and to celebrate a “Public Beta Welcome” video has been released.

Source: US PS Blog





  2. 9pm for Private Beta UK guys :)

    • Will be back on later then, presume I just use the same client from the Private Beta

      Oooh, fresh cannon fodder

      • Exactly :P now we got skills, friend integration and extra stuff will be added, so good stuff! Shame theres not at least one new map though D:

      • Yeah, I am gonna feel like a total n00b when joining later. Didn’t even play warhawk :/ I’m gonna just get slayed repeatedly.

      • By transforming hawks!!! Worth it.

  3. Don’t get too excited.

    It’s nothing special.

    • I defy you sir. Best game I’ve played in a while.

      • Wow, you must have played some terrible games. :P

        Meh. Whatever floats your canoe.

      • The worst game I played according to reviews was Haze which I thought had a great story. Plus I reviewed the Beta and gave it a gleaming review, so I know ;)

    • you’re allowed not to like it, but you’re so wrong – it is a superb respin, genuinely innovative, on a game released in 2007 but still played by tons of people even today. THAT is exceptional – even if not your cup of tea.

    • I respect your opinion but also disagree. Starhawk has had more playtime by me than many of my other games for the last couple months (apart from Skyrim). There is still a vast following for Warhawk and I suspect that will continue with SH. Admittedly it won’t be for everyone but if anything Lightbox have made SH more accessible than WH was at the time.

      • I didn’t see what the fuss was with Warhawk either, but that’s a masterpiece compared to Starhawk.

        Starhawk is just…awful.

      • Warhawk was just plain dreadful, looking forward though to this.

    • You’re definitely outnumbered. Starhawk Beta is awesome and we haven’t even seen the full game yet!
      Day 1 buy for sure :)

    • The game is GREAT, I guess you like playing cod instead?

      • Yawn.

        Why is it if you don’t like a game that the majority of people like, you’re assumed to be a Call Of Duty player?

      • Jacko, you really should widen your gaming sights. There are plenty of great games out there besides FPS.

      • Where did you get the idea that I only play FPS?

        I’m confused.

      • To be fair, stop making FPS assumptions, could be an RPG player instead? Or a puzzle fanatic? In fact, he (‘m assuming) might not like this for the fact of not liking shooters at all, third or first person. Which is fine. Let all form opinions, even if you think they’re worded strongly. Each game is entirely subjective.

        I do however, think starhawk looks fun.


      • I second that. :)

      • *grabs torch and pitchfork and makes a mean looking face* :P

    • I’d be honest I’d agree….however my only issues are the removal of health…I guess? never liked regen… currently I think its just terrible since it was like a mini-boss… the dark nemesis; The Tank. It just wouldn’t feel the same if it wasn’t in Starhawk. Yay… Mechs but no sign of a space tank or even more spacecraft?

      I wouldn’t say… Starhawk is awful, theres just things missing from Warhawk and… regeneration >.>

  4. Hell yeah. Was expecting a later release tbh, more like August so early May is spot on. This will certainly tide me over the barren summer months. More beta time is also good news.

  5. Sweet! The voice-over on the video is truly terrible though, far too generic.

    • I think it’s the same voice over as RDR.

      • I don’t know what the voice-over sounds like in RDR, but this guy is putting too much weight on almost every. single. word he says. And it makes it sound soulless IMO.

  6. This looks epic, I’m really looking forward to this, wish I could have got on the Beta.

  7. This looks fantastic, hope i’m finished Skyrim before may!

  8. It doesn’t appear to be on the Australian PSN store yet.

    but when it gets there ill jump on.

  9. Bit later than expected? ah well more time is great

  10. May? Thought it would be around March, cannot wait to get back into the beta though, it was brilliant.

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