UC3 Map Pack Launches Tomorrow

Following up on last week’s teaser, Naughty Dog has announced that its first major content update for Uncharted 3, Flashback Map Pack #1, will hit the PSN Store tomorrow (or tonight if you’re from across the pond.) As the name suggests, this first batch of multiplayer arenas have been stripped from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; instead of directly porting the maps however, ND has re-worked them with a variety of aesthetic changes including dynamic lighting, improved particle effects and cleaner textures.


Updated versions of The Cave, Fort, Lost City, and Sanctuary will all make an appearance. A price has yet to be confirmed, though anyone who pre-ordered via the Fortune Hunter’s Pass will immediately get the DLC for free. Given the numbering, we’d guess that a second Flashback Map Pack is currently in works and will include the four remaining original maps from Uncharted 2.

Originally, Naught Dog announced that all members of the Fortune Hunter’s Club would be in line for 7 pieces of content. However, the studio today announced that the offer will now encompass 14 packs instead (yes, that’s twice as much!) Those who missed out will be able to buy a pass from the PSN Store which will unlock all currently-available content as well as securing future updates.

Promising to keep the content flowing, Naughty also announced three upcoming skin packs to groove up your on-screen avatars. The Rogues Pack 1 & 2 will usher in a swarm of playable mercs and thugs from the Uncharted 3 campaign, whilst The Donut Pack makes way for a number of super-sized heroes and villains including a tubby Sully. Now we know what gaming’s favourite plunderers get up to between blockbuster AAA adventures.

Lastly, we got a glimpse of yet another piece of content in the pipeline. An image of Uncharted cronies Zoran Lazarevic, Eddie Raja, and Harry Flynn (the co-op mode’s three antagonists) has been posted which suggests a number of things. The first (and most obvious) is that Co-op Adventure mode is due for an extension, though there may be a possibility of ND introducing some completely new; we wouldn’t complain if we got to play as the villains, just saying.

 Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Woop!

  2. Does anyone know when the fortune hunters pass expires? I haven’t seen or herd anything about it expiring yet.

  3. Now that they’ve said there’s going to be more DLC than originally announced, I’m considering getting FHC.

    Also, where’s Rika Raja? I miss playing as her. :P

  4. Off-topic, but does anyone know what’s going on with PSN?

    I can’t sign in or access any of the PlayStation websites (forums, blog etc).

    • Never mind, apparently it’s just affecting Virgin Media customers.

      • As I understand it the whole virhgin media network is down but I may be wrong however I have sky broadband and while I have been signed in between 7 and 8 and played mw3 with no probs it was tricky getting signed in at first took a few goes had my phone in hand ready to check twitter for any super muster buster updates

  5. Just tried U3 online for the first time just this very minute. Got hammered and really not my cup of tea either. Will stick to Single Player.

  6. Look forward to seeing the changes to old maps

  7. the problem for me investing in any dlc for uc3 is that naughty dog seem to have totally failed to do anything about it taking sometimes 10 minutes to get into any online game its a shame cos I love uncharted but the multiplayer is just sometimes stupid even after I get past the many error downloading whatever excuse for being so slow is today and actually I prefer the multiplayer on uc2. I hate to say it but UC3 has to be one of the biggest let downs of last years game offerings

    • even now after what I just said garuntee when I get home from work tommorrow I am gonna buy it……………why why why

      Totally addicted to Drake awoah awoahooooo!

      • Well… If you prefer UC2 multiplayer (atleast today, now it would be yesterday), then why not play those maps for free on UC2? That’s what I’m doing these days, and to my surpise the UC2 MP is quite alive and still as fun as it’s always been! ^^

      • Uncharted 3 multiplayer is much better than Uncharted 2’s mess of a multiplayer, though.

        Well, aside from the FAL, anyway.

      • Uncharted 2 had brilliant multiplayer, 3’s is a bit of a mess though.

      • Uncharted 3 is the messy of the two. Compared to UC2, it has far sloppier controls and lots of unnecessary additions for pleasing those who want every online MP to function the same, namely killstreaks, weapon loadouts and the likes. One of the reasons I enjoy UC2 so much is for its simplicity, balance and accuracy (minus the lag), which makes for a far more rewarding and enjoyable game, at least for me. Everything just feels right.

      • YES! Aquastyle – this is exactly what I think! The level playing field was amazing, the lack of unnecessary complexities! It was so much better.

      • For those who prefer Uncharted 2, play Hardcore. Strips back a number of the frivolous MP additions and there’s quite a lot of people who queue up for it too.

        Personally it’s my second favourite mode, after Team Objective.

      • Uncharted 2 was good until the 1.05 patch. That just took all the fun out of it.

        Uncharted 3 is more of what Uncharted 2 used to be like pre-1.05.

      • 1.05 was a let-down indeed, but the finer gameplay-mechanics and level-design belongs to UC2. The damage-levels are slightly better in UC3 I agree yes, but, though important, they really aren’t what defines a game. Atleast the grenades got more balanced with 1.05.
        Different opinions and that, I guess. ^^

  8. Donut pack sounds fun. Shame it’s spelt doughnut…

  9. Naughty dog delivering again; looks like new co-op adventure for next dlc judging from that pic. And even I agree UC2 MP >>>>>> UC3 due the simplicity.

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