Exclusive: “No Hope Left” Is Capcom!

As promised earlier today, we bring you an on the spot report from the site of one of the mysterious ‘No Hope Left’ graffitis – I have managed to return from Vauxhall, London, without being bitten or infected by zombies.

I had a pretty good idea where to find the sprayed message as I recognised the area from the original picture on www.nohopeleft.com so it only took moments to locate.

After carefully scanning the area for zombies I made a detailed inspection of the graffiti. Sadly there were no copyright notices or little hints that the advert is for Resident Evil 6 but, as the eagle eyed may of spotted, it is an advert.

The ‘torn’ pictures behind the writing are part of the advert and the graffiti is printed rather than sprayed on, something you can only spot if you are standing beside the advert.

Now the thing about billboards is that the company that runs them always has its name prominently displayed and in this case the company is called ‘Primesight’.

A quick Google and I find the phone number for the company and give them a call, innocently asking them if they could tell me what the advert is about, could they perhaps tell me which company placed the advert?

After a lengthy chat I had to send them a picture of the advert via email and whilst waiting for the reply we asked Capcom if they were in anyway linked to the No Hope Left adverts. I’ll give you one guess what they said.

Capcom doesn’t comment on any rumours or speculation.

Well we tried. We did. We asked Capcom. We did, they didn’t know but Primesight are seemingly a lot more helpful as they have just sent me an email.

Panel number is 2375 03 Parry Street. The company advertising on it is CAPCOM.


This is Tuffcub, reporting live from London where a very large cat has just escaped from a very large bag.


  1. Thats some awesome detective work there :)

  2. Excellent work by our resident Gumshoe, Tuffcub.

  3. be amusing if they tried to pay TSA off to keep it quiet… xD

    • bit too late for that i think. ^_^

  4. actual journalism, from TSA?
    what is the world coming to? O_O

    seriously though, some nice detective work there.
    i bet ign didn’t think of that.

    • Actual journalism from anyone is a surprise these days (but less so from TSA). And I thought investigative journalism was dead.

      Guess next time capcom will know to use a strawman company to order the ads for them.

  5. Very good work, my man. Some great super sleuthing there.

  6. 4 // itchy. tasty

  7. At the risk of stroking your ego – you are awesome.

    • I’m hoping for extra biscuits this week.

      • Definately earned a custard cream or 2.

  8. Good job SOPA hasn’t been passed. We’d be in some trouble :oD

  9. A shirt? A Tie? Louise Lain style journalism? Bravo!

  10. Nice one mate. Hope you don’t get the nice person from Primesight fired, though ;-)

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