Mass Effect 3 Video Shows Kinect Functionality, Dates Demo

A new video has been released for Mass Effect 3, showing off the Kinect functionality. In all fairness a lot of it could be done using a normal headset and mic.

More exciting is the news that the ME3 demo will be out on February 14th, although only Xbox LIVE has been mentioned.


Update: it has been confirmed that the demo will be released for all relevant platforms.

Source: Kinectronic



  1. The issue with the headset mic over Kinect is that Kinect isn’t just the hardware, its the voice recognition software as well. As I recall, Endwar wasn’t too hot on the voice recognition, accents being a real bind for it; the Kinect libraries seem to be a lot better at voice rec

  2. there’s no reason this couldn’t be done on ps3 and pc, is that they didn’t have to bother coding a voice recognition system, they let kinect handle it.

    but they could do it if they put in the time and effort, last gen there were games that had voice recognition so this generation’s machines should be capable.

    that’s good in a way, it means smaller budget titles can implement voice recognition in their games without having to develop the software for it, but if this is how core games are going to use kinect, then it’s just a pretty expensive microphone.

  3. It’s actually a better integration than I thought it would be. Not bummed that I won’t be able to make use of it but it shows that Bioware didn’t just tack something on to please Microsoft.

  4. Why would anyone use Kinect in this game??
    Making a command with a button is blatantly faster than saying a word(s).

    • it might be faster than selecting from a set of options on the command wheel thing, and it also means that you don’t need to pause the game while doing it, handy for multiplayer.
      but then, does the non kinect player have a disadvantage?

    • I wouldn’t use it for selecting weapons and stuff, but its cool for giving out squad commands and the like. Not that I’ll be doing either though; PC ftw :P

  5. As much as I like the idea it’s not something that can’t be done on other platforms through other peripherals (and even headsets.) If you were to buy a Kinect unit for this single innovation you’d need your head checking.

  6. When I’m playing ME3 on my PS3 I really can’t say I’ll be jealous of this. At least they aren’t wasting a lot of valuable dev time on stuff I cannot use.

  7. getting it on PS3 still.

  8. I did the last 2 games on the PC and ported my saves, but because of the new multiplayer im getting ME3 on the xbox to play with mates. Borrowed their ME1 and 2 so I can carry my guy all the way through and recap, forgot how addictive the gameplay is.

    This is my No.1 for this year, cant wait.

    • Wonder if theres been more talk on the film to??

  9. I read somewhere that the voice recognition on the kinect was pretty poor if you didn’t have an american accent, not sure how through this is.

    Can anyone confirm?

  10. Not interested, sorry. I don’t want to shout at my screen. I like playing games with headphones late at night, if i were to have this, i’d probably annoy my flatmates quite a bit..

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