PSN Down For 14 Hours Tomorrow

The PlayStation Network will be down for fourteen hours tomorrow.

Starting at 4PM in the afternoon and running until 6AM on Friday morning, the system will be down for what the message says is ‘routine maintenance’.


“PS Store and Account Management will be unavailable,” we’re told. “Users already logged at the start of the maintenance may still be able to play online.”

Perfect timing for that new Starhawk beta.

We’ll update with more details as and when they come in.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Looks like the UC3, GT5 and Starhawk meets are at risk then. Great.

  2. to be fair they have not done maintenance for a while.

    • To be fair, i have no idea why they need to do so much bloody maintenance in the first place!

      Wouldn’t be so bad if they actually mentioned what the aim was (security, PSN stability etc), but all we get notified of is no service.


      • In case you forgot, psn got hacked recently. It was quite big news. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep hacks out.

      • you think a service that big that has more than just PS3 connected to it does not need looking after?
        play a SP game it is not the end of the world.

      • To clarify, i have no issue with them doing maintenance, it would just be nice to know why the service needs to be down for 14 hours!

        I for one am sure that maintenance used to be; 1. stated a lot more in advance than just one or two days ahead (which makes me think that it is perhaps NOT routine at all) & 2. never used to take any longer than 6 or so hours previously (which people STILL complained about even then).

        Like i said, if they actually took the time to mention what they would be doing, it would stop a lot of the naysayers from moaning each & every time (which i do not do btw).

        It’s the lack of PR that baffles me really. :)

      • you said it yourself, you have no idea why they need to maintenance. they wouldnt do it if it wasnt to benefit us.

  3. Dear Sony,

    The SOPA/PIPA Blackout was today.

    • Beat me to it! Well played… *slow clap*

    • That’s why PSN is down tomorrow.. Thought Sony was all for SOPA. The maintenance issue for me is always the time of them.

  4. For once it actually falls on when I’m doing something, 10 year anniversary with the missus. Perfect.

  5. Xross game chat.

    • If that happens I’ll eat my hat and post the vid on the forums.

    • Bored with X-game chat now :-(

    • Just consistent working chat would do for me.

  6. Now I’ve got my PC fixed it probably won’t affect me, glad my Warhammer meet on Saturday is safe though.

  7. Sounds like a great time to do some more GT5 B Spec endurance races.

  8. Grrrrrr Sony. Not sure I can sign in before 4pm so no Starhawk for me. Oh well more Skyrim it is then.

  9. Both yay and nay. Will be able to get some revision done but I /was/ looking to give those UC3 maps a spin.

    • Why /was/? I never understood that!

      • It classes something as being in italics i think tony.

      • emphasis.

  10. No, wait, Gold is on Xbox not PlayStation ;)

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