Hacked, 21,000 Users’ Details Taken

Import retailer has reportedly been hacked, resulting in the personal details of 21,000 users being posted online.

A hacker posted a link to what was apparently stolen personal information from the Canadian retailer’s site on Pastebin, before posting news of the feat to Twitter.


The data, posted on Rapidshare, has since been removed, but apparently contained the names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords of customers.

There are claims that Eurogamer readers (amongst others) have found their data inside the file, so we at TheSixthAxis strongly recommend you to change your password if you’ve previously used the retailer. have yet to comment on the hack, but we’ll keep you up to date with any further developments.  We recommend users have unique passwords for every site and service.

Source: Edge.



  1. thankfully I don’t use them, but for christ sake, retailers need to sort their act out and make sure this information is not able to be hacked and got. Its a joke.

    Hackers are scum and should ben strung up but their ballsack.

  2. Why can’t those sad scum just fuck off

  3. I’ve heard rumblings the data is on more than ‘just’ 21,000 users, possibly being their entire customer db, in the 120,000 region.

  4. I’ve ordered MLB The Show from them every year for a while. Thought I’d better go to their site: no warning about hacking? Log in: no warning about hacking? Can’t change account password anywhere in settings either?!

    • The change password setting is just where it asks you to enter a password on the ‘My Account’ page. Just enter a new password and the confirmation of it and it’ll change.

      That had me flummoxed for a while too.

      • Cheers mate! Did think of that but couldn’t believe it would be so badly set out…

  5. I recently ordered the new Sony Stereo Headset from them, it should be here any day. Never used their website, it was ebay and Paypal, so I can’t imagine I’m at risk beyond name and addy..

  6. Well the CSIdentity account Sony is paying for me sent me an alert. Good to see it working. Bad for

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