Allods Online ‘Volume 5: Game of Gods’ Update Revealed

An update for free-to-play PC title, Allods Online, has been announced. Titled ‘Volume 5: Game of Gods‘, it is set to launch in February 2012.

The update includes:

  • All new archetype – the Bard.
  • Level cap increase to level 51.
  • New Raid, featuring all new bosses with epic and strategic battles.
  • New Battlegrounds, comprising a 12-a-side PvP area that players can enter from level 20 and above.  Players can fight against their own or opposing faction.
  • 13 all new astral allods in an all new 4th layer of Astral space.
  • Astral ship physics will be revamped to make astral space PvE and PvP battles even more dynamic and exciting.
  • Great Rank, which is an epic quest for the top players on each server to distinguish themselves from all other players.  The best-of-the-best will earn a chance to gain an extra skill point, an extra ruby, and a second slot for a customised class build.
  • Hundreds of new quests exploring the nature of the gods of Sarnaut, as well as the creation and destruction of the Allods Online universe.
  • Social Network integration, allowing players to post screenshots of their adventures without leaving the game.

Source: Press Release