Nintendo 3DS Demos Have Limited Uses

As you may well know, Nintendo’s 3DS demo service went live today with demos for Resident Evil Revelations and Cooking Mama 4.

What Ninty didn’t previously mention, however, is that that you can only play these demos a certain number of times. Thankfully that figure is rather high at 30 uses before the content locks out.


However, what if a demo was so addictive that you played it the maximum number of times the software would allow?

We can confirm that after you hit that magic 30th play of a demo you can’t ever access it again. Not even deleting and redownloading the software will reset the number of uses, so play your demos wisely before they’re gone forever.

Source: Nintendo eShop



  1. This is weak Nintendo.
    Just another reason why I won’t touch a Nintendo product.

  2. Ah not too bothered. If i have played a demo 30 times then, unless it’s just me not being arsed to change game, it’s probably time i just buy the game.

  3. I agree that 30 is definately more than enough before its time to spend some pennies on the full game.

  4. as if region locking a handheld console wasn’t dumb enough for nintendo, they go and pull stuff like this.

    they don’t want people to have demos at all, but they’ve finally bowed to pressure from the public, and probably publishers too, but they put some arbitrary restrictions on them.

    well, don’t let your friends play your demos before you do or you might never get to play them.
    and i assume these will be tied to the individual machine, so anybody who buys a preowned 3ds might be locked out of demos.

    • this is cheaper than some burly bloke standing behind you telling you “you’ve had your go, naoh bugger orf”

      that’s supposed to be his accent, hard to do in text. ^_^

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