Grand Theft Auto 3 And Vice City Heading To PS3

The E.S.R.B. – Early warning System for Releases, Baby! has conveniently rated Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 3) and Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 3).

No news if these are HD remakes or the PS2 version made to run on the PS3 but whatever they are, the news has made a lot of people happy including our very own CC_Star.


“GTA3 & GTA:VC on PS3… F*** YES!!!! Don’t care for GTAV now,” he said.

Told you he was happy.

We played the recent iPad port a while back and quite liked it, but proper controls will make this a remake worth having, for sure.  We’ll let you know if Rockstar fire out any more info.

Source: ESRB



  1. Love those two, not so much SA or IV.
    Can’t wait.

    • It would be double whammy levels of awesomeness if these were a simultaneous VITA release – with cross platform saves!

    • Yup I agree – not TOO fussed about GTA3 but I think Vice city MIGHT just be my fave game of all time :)

      Awesome news either way, but HD remake would be great, JUST DONT MESS WITH THE SOUNDTRACK!!

    • Agreed, III and VC still know what fun is. Hope this is a proper re-release with better visuals and trophies.

  2. Meh.

    Only kidding! Awesome news!!

  3. I didn’t like it on iPad, I need physical buttons!

    My dream for VC would be all the abilities of San Andreas like climbing and swimming etc but in Vice City and in HD. I doubt that will happen but we can dream.

  4. The GTA games were the games that kept me going back to my PS2 when I first got my PS3. Now my PS2 is no more it’s great news for me that they’re releasing GTA3 & VC. Would love a SA release too. I’d put money on them just being the PS2 versions running on PS3 but if they were PS3 remakes with trophies then I’d be ecstatic.

  5. DUCK YEAH! *strips and dances on a table*

    Why are you all looking at me like that? *gets dressed and walks away like nothing happened*. I’m surprised that GTA:SA is not being released as it is imo, the best game in the series. Plus, you can kill people with a bunch of flowers. Don’t PS2 games look a bit rubbish on a HDTV though? Oh well.

    • Stripping?, for a game?…now thats dedication

  6. I like them all;) But i would only buy these again if they are HD with Trophies updates(i got all of them on PS2 disc still anyway + my PS2 to play them on…no i won’t say it again i.e SONY bring back PS2 playback to a new PS3…DAM i said it again) LOL

  7. I never had GTA3 but I played the heck out of Vice City! It was incredible n probably my favourite GTA so far but I did enjoy GTA:SA a lot too, hint. I thought this was going to say on PSV to be honest. That would have been a lot better than if it came to PS3 in my opinion.

  8. I would buy VICE CITY hands completed it 3 times on PS2 years ago lol

    • I like Vice City hands, they fit like a glove! :)

      • D’oh meant to say hands down.
        That would be a face palm if I failed again xD

  9. Would have prefered SA and VC, but happy they are making a return. Hope they’re HD remakes too, that would be brilliant!

    • Same here, would have liked SA to be there as it is my favourite one. HD remakes and not straight posts would be preferred.

  10. I’m in to FIFA12, BF3, Skyrim and have the latest Assassin’s Creed waiting to be opened. So there’s no way I’ll ever get chance to buy or play either of the remakes of GTA, as good as they were in their day on the PS2.

    • Same. I have so many great next gen games that I haven’t played yet, so as much as I enjoyed these, I wouldn’t buy them again. (Plus I still have the originals). I think I’d rather try something new this gen.

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