Naughty Dog Job Listing Mentions Next Gen

Let us be clear, concise and present the facts.  A job listing on for a Character Artist has the following description.

  • Prior professional experience with normal map extraction of human models for next-gen games

We know Naughty Dog are beavering away on ‘The Last Of Us’ for PlayStation 3 and this job listing does not in prove in any way that Uncharted 4 will be on PS4.


Have we made ourselves perfectly clear Internet? Does. Not. Mean. Uncharted. 4.

Furthermore it does not mean the PlayStation 4 exists, the original Uncharted was famously developed by Naughty Dog on their ‘best guess’ of the PS3 hardware, a guess that was far from accurate.

I hope we have made the facts clear and absolutely nothing should be inferred from this job listing.

Source: Naughty Dog

PS. Squeeeee! Uncharted 4 is going to be on PlayStation 4!!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!



  1. Uncharted 5?

    4s so old.

    • i’m waiting for uncharted 3Gs

  2. Remember an interview in the aftermath of the The Last Of Us reveal, they said Last of Us is a separate team to the Uncharted team, the Uncharted team are taking a well earned break & when they return it’s not know yet which system they’ll start developing the next game for.

    Would have thought it would take the normal 2 years to make a game and then add some more to get the engine updated for the new system & spends some extra time polishing the pixels & other stuff as there could well be more of them.

    Looking at how Sony have learned their lessons from the relatively slow first year or two of the PS3 they will want to get their key franchises in as launch titles & a Naughty Dog project will certainly be in there

    • Bang on with that last statement. They have to have a couple of exclusives there that already have a fanbase. The PS3 didn’t do it enough imo.

      What the PS3 has done is bring us more exclusive series’ to choose from, and having these available on launch is a must.

      • Even if they think about developing for the next gen of consoles I’m struggling to work out what ‘next gen’ is. The PS3 can do a huge amount still. The only possible upgrades will be more ram, better processor. I cant see any huge improvements that could be made. PS4 will definitley still use Blu-Ray.

      • I think the next console generation will end up close to PC version of Battlefield 3 or other DX11 optimised games.

        The jump may not be as big as Xbox/PS2 to PS360 because that was the jump to HD and the dawn of a new era of TVs & media like Blu-rays.

        But what it will give is the full HD experience, none of this 720p30 half-resolution/half-framerate & greater bandwidth in the media (drive speeds) to enable higher levels of detail & textures and of course the RAM, GPU, buffering & caching ability to render all this increased amount of resolution, frames and texture detail, lighting, anti-aliasing & filtering.

        Personally I hope it’s powerful enough that your average 3rd party devs can produce these higher class goods without needing either the backing & pockets of Sony or unrealistically long dev times spent optimising for hardware

  3. I work at an airport, and Graham Mactavish(who played Lazarovic/cutter) went through, I spoke to him about a lot of things as his flight was cancelled, he told me about the Hobbit, various tv shows that he has done, etc. I asked him about the next Uncharted and he said that they were all meeting next month (feb) to discuss the next game, so he must be in the new one. He said something about using next technology for motion capture, so I am assuming that its on PS4, but might also come out for PS3?

  4. I wish a few Naughty Dog staff created a download Vita game. Would love to see the creative minds run wild

  5. I’m hoping it isn’t Uncharted 4. U3 was good (particulary in it’s production values) but it was lacking in comparison to Uncharted 2 in almost every way. They ideally need to go back to the drawing board and rest the series for a while before jumping in and risk milking it.

    • Only place it was lacking was story?
      Multiplayer, controls, and graphics all went forward.
      I’d only rate the story an 8 as opposed to Uncharted 2’s 10 though.

      • The controls were just as floaty as U2, they just made the shooting more sluggish. Sorry I only meant the single player, the online still feels completely out of place as far as I’m concerned. It’s fun for a short while but doesn’t really belong in a game where story-telling is at the forefront :D

      • The team that headed up U2 went to work on Last of Us so that explains the feeling many have that U3 was brilliant, but not as good as U2.

      • Ahh that would make sense, thanks for clearing that up :)

  6. Wow a story about God of War 4 and (maybe) Uncharted 4 in one night?
    Sony must be starting to push out their 2012 games line up/rumours.

    • Killzone 4 rumoured to be in production as well. Christ, think of how many PS4s Sony would sell if Uncharted 4, Killzone 4 and God of … wa.. debu..but.. ed. .. er. on. the . .




      That kinda of makes a fuck load of PR & marketing sense. All the fours on PS4.


      • And Modern Warfare 4 around the same time we expect PS4 to launch.

      • Hit the nail on the head there.

      • I’ll just put my monies in the post now then shall I?

    • Resistance 4, Motorstorm 4, etc.

  7. I read somewhere that it was million polygon character models, which is just mind-boggling. Uncharted 2 was around 30,000, wasn’t it?

    • They are in the millions as they are sculpted, before they get cut down to a sensible number for the game. And yeah, UC2 was 30-35 000 for Nate that is, the other characters where less I think.

  8. I want Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 4 though but…. still there will be many more 4’s to come and so far they all disappointed GTA IV, DMC 4 and the other one….

    4 is evil and unlucky…. would they risk it?

  9. ND are 2 teams now the Uncharted team will be making something new.

  10. I hope they make something else before another UC, as I don’t want it to be worn out. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy a fourth iteration.

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