Podcast: Episode 48

This week sees a return to our regular programming. We’re back, and not with your silly songs or Christmas specials either. I should point out, though, that this was a busy one. As well as your regular podcasters, we were joined by Dan for the entirety of the show and Alex and Blair both made appearances too. So there was seven of us at one point. And we still didn’t really know what we were doing!

We talked a bit about the big Capcom No Hope Left Resident Evil 6 reveal (which was actually happening as we closed the show) and Kris said something about a new Brain Wood comic coming soon. He’s the guy who did DMZ, which we’ve talked about before.

Then we went straight into what we’ve been doing since the break. We talked about the PlayStation Vita a bit and definitely didn’t break any embargoes at all. Then Blair arrived and argued with Dan about the Resident Evil Revelations demo on the 3DS. We tried to get them to fight but the idea didn’t seem to take off.

Lewis talked about Super 8, I mentioned Waiting for Superman and Dan told us a bit about The Darkness II. Then there was some very geeky talk of Skyrim before the quiz, emails and wrap up.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. ten seconds ago i was thinking, “no podcast today?” and here it is.

    well closer to thirty since i’ve written this.

  2. I just think its a shame with all the bad language :-(

    • ah, apologies if that upsets you dude. That’s why we put the disclaimer on it, in case it might offend someone.

  3. Excellent, been looking forward to the return of this. It’s strange how you don’t realise how much you miss something, till it’s been absent for a while.

    Ps. Will Lewis ever get round to sending out those DVDs from last year :P

  4. I like how Dan just cba to contribute much and instead spent most of the podcast playing with his vita.

    Kev should be able to find the questions thread as it’s now pinned after i had to bribed Adam with a lot of chocolate.

    I think Kris would hold Peter hostage if someone else was choosen to review Step Up:The Game. ;)

  5. i got 7 on the quiz. ^_^
    what did you guys get anyway?

    when Kris said that line about the Step Up films have a deep plot, or something to that effect, i nearly wet myself laughing.

    i was about to take a drink. o_O

    was somebody playing minecraft during the recording? because i’m sure i heard sounds from minecraft.
    i’m looking at you Kev.

    oh yeah, thanks for the voice work on my question Kev, that’s just how i imagined it sounding. b(^_^)d

    you know, i never had any problems with motion sickness watching Cloverfield, or the Blair Witch, though i still haven’t finished Mirror’s edge because that does make me sick.

    what gets me is when they have a the view slowly spin round, it happened in Shanghai Knights when they were on the face of the clock at big ben and the view slowly spin round, and recently when i saw underworld, there’s a bit at the beginning where you see ice forming and the view slowly spins.
    it doesn’t make me feel sick, just dizzy.

    anyway, underworld was cool, lots of pointing and throwing stuff at the camera, with it being 3d.

    and Kate Beckinsale, ooh, that’s my kind of vampire.^_^
    and she doesn’t need to bloody sparkle. >_<

    • Referencing a Jackie Chan film = WIN!
      I haven’t seen any of the Underworld films but I’ve seen the trailers for the new one and I’m a bit tempted…

  6. Glad to see the podcast is back, i’ll give it a listen tomorrow :)

  7. Kris, I’ve still got the GameGear and jungle book, and the sonic game you’re talking about, i don’t remember which one it is though, i’ll have to look.
    Goku would win that fight, he can blow up planets easily, and teleport between solar systems. Naruto is getting mental but he still can’t blow up planets.

    Also i would say Kris play the first, but Kev is right, the gameplay is much better in 2, but on 360 now you can buy “Mass Effect: Genesis” the thing that let you make all the choices from ME1.

  8. Glad you guys are back! was starting to worry!

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