PS Vita Owner Plays Battlefield 3 & Red Dead Redemption

I have watched this video four times now and I cannot spot any evidence of it being fake or clever CGI – but who knows?

A giveaway would be if the hands of the person controlling the game are out of sync with the video but as far as I can tell this is real.


The problem? You need to be running custom firmware on your PS3.

Source: YouTube



  1. Watched this yesterday and if true It may sway my decission in buying one.

  2. CFW on PS3 allows for the remote play of all titles

    Apparently it’s almost as simple as a tickbox in all PS3 game’s file systems, with the Vita and the dual stick it would be even more useful.

    Obviously most companies don’t ‘tick the box’ as it means they get 2 games sales, one on each system.

    • Really? Holy shit, that’s awful if true.

      • Yep, a checkbox! Will then be able to play the game on PSP, PSV & Vaio’s with the Remote Play program that comes pre-installed, or any other PC via Open Remote Play if that project is still going.

      • Yeah, I remember reading about this when CFW was first getting going. A simple little function, and you can add remote play.

        To be fair, with the PSP, there weren’t quite enough buttons, analogue triggers or analogue sticks to handle playing MW3 or whatever, so it made more sense to be blocking this kind of functionality off.

        On the PSV, though…

      • Sony needs to start ticking some boxes then, as this would be a huge selling point for the Vita!

  3. This is a great example of why custom firmware doesn’t just mean piracy. Stuff like this could potentially force Sony’s hand in making this functionality available officially as people realise it is possible.

    • I’m not into custom firmware. However. This would change my opinion.

  4. I got excited by seeing the XMB on Vita, then realised he/she’s just streaming from his/her PS3. What’s the difference between this and the Killzone 3 video we saw?

    • Most games don’t allow remote play, so Vita remote play would technically only be possible on games like Killzone 3, where the developer allowed the option.
      The custom firmware allows you to set that option, instead of the developer.

      I wouldn’t risk my PS3 just for this option although I’d LOVE for more games to allow it. A Skyrim shaped game, for example, although Red Dead would be lovely on Vita.

      • Ok thanks.

        Same, as remote play still requires PSN, I wouldn’t want to risk my PS3 or PSN account. If there was a way of PSN or your PS3 not knowing it was in remote play mode, I’d happily put CFW on a Vita, even if I could only use it to stream PS3 games! On the plus side (for PS3 games that can be streamed), there appears to be zero lag, unlike PSP remote play.

      • What PS3 games could be streamed to a PSP anyway?
        I know that Lair could, but I never knew anybody with that game.
        I only used the remote play for movies and PS1 games (read: Spyro).

      • I just meant lag in general, not PS3 games as such. Whenever I’d navigate the XMB on PS3 using PSP, there was always half a second of lag, which would have made playing most games impossible (not that there was that option often on PSP as you say). Although that could have been down to my internet and not the hardware (although I have 8mb at home and 20mb at work).

  5. The seems real. If this can work, then I hope we will be allowed to do so. I have no intention of running CFW on my ps3, vita either, but i want to be able to do this!

    • But then publishers wouldn’t be able to sell you the game twice, whether it’s slightly different versions of it or not.

      Always a shame publishers & devs never fully backed Remote Play, it is /THE/ killer app, if only it was allowed more often than not.

      • For games like Red Dead, they’re not trying to sell any PSP copy.
        It might just have been blocked because it worked crap.
        Might see more for Vita (at least where there isn’t a Vita alternative anyway).

      • Couldn’t they cash in by getting you to download DLC that ‘enables’ remote play and also launches the title in remote play mode? Thusly letting us lot take advantage of the superb geekiness of the feature whilst not screwing themselves out of the potential profit? Holy Osmonds Batman, another sensible idea!

      • as silly as it may sound to some, I would pay up to (say) £2 for a code (or whatever) that would let me play a PS3 game remotely. I have over 70 games, I wouldn’t want to stream them all, but I have a select few that I would.

      • Yeah, on the flipside of some companies not allow it since they may release a seperate Vita title, some companies could use it as a seperate revenue for their old games, or games where they aren’t going to release a Vita version. Would be nice if they did that instead of an online pass to generate revenue, plus they wouldn’t be seen in such a bad light.

      • Sounds like were onto a winner.

      • I would be happy with that, giving them money is probably the only way to convince most publishers to give access to the function.

  6. Well, this video looks very real. Shame that it requires customer firmware because there is no chance im going to do that and risk bricking my PS3, losing my online or getting sued.

  7. I’m confused. Don’t newer games like BF3 insist on the newest firmware being installed before they’ll load? Or are we looking at dodgy PS3 games as well as CFW?

    • The firmware thing is a good point – I am not sure how they have gotten around that.

    • I think that once they have a custom firmware they can fool the system into thinking it’s running whatever version of the firmware they want.

      • It’s not that.. Well, at least not that I’m aware of.
        Each game (be it PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable) use a file called an ‘EBOOT.PBP’ – It’s basically the executable for each of the systems.

        To get the games to work on lower firmware versions, you would need to backup your game/disc to an internal/external storage device (I.E Hard Drive), create an ISO/CSO image of the game, access the image data via PC and patch the EBOOT, so that it works with lower firmwares.

        The patching of the EBOOT takes time though; And I don’t think there is any software out there to do this for you.

  8. I’ve said all along that this feature on 90% of games would instantly make the Vita a must buy for me. However as cc_star has said most devs want to sell two copies of the same game so it is unlikely to appear more frequently than it did with the PSP. Sad.

  9. This just highlights one way in which Custom FW is good; it allows you to access features that you should be able to.

  10. How does the Vita cope with only having two shoulder buttons? Doesn’t that make it difficult to remote play PS3 games that make use of L2 and R2?

    • You could use the touch screens, either one of them.

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