PS3 Exclusive “Quadratum Mortis” Announced

Turkish developer Lamagama recently unveiled its latest project, Quadratum Mortis, a fantasy combat game which will make use of the PlayStation 3’s Move tech. Though details are sparse, given that Lamagama is an indie outlet we can assume that this 2012 release will launch via the PlayStation Network as opposed to a full retail launch.

The brief description shown on the studio’s website outlines online competitive play; when coupled with a rough translation of the game’s title which reads “the square of death,” and the distinct concept art aesthetic, there is evidence to suggest Quadratum Mortis will be centred around gladiatorial combat.

Source: Lamagama



  1. Would somebody please make a gladiatorial combat game like the demo shown in the PS Move reveal already?

    • Just reminded me of a Roman-ish game from eastern europe I covered years back that was meant to be coming to consoles. Wondered what happened to that.

    • I think that gladiator game later became a mode in Zindagi’s Sports Champions (which is ace by the way.) It’s a similar gameplay style used in their latest game, Medieval Moves, too.

      However, both of these games used just one or two of the motion controllers. QM will be using on motion and one navigation controller, a combo which hasn’t been fully demoed in the PS Move’s current gallery of games.

      That said, Aragorn’s Quest used a Move/Nav combination which sucked big time. I think Sorcery will also use a similar control scheme, though focus on ranged combat.

      • Aragorn’s Quest seems too inexact, but was otherwise decent (if aimed too much towards the kiddies), I assumed it was because it was a Wii port.
        Something like that built from ground up for the Move, though…

      • PlayStation Move Heroes also does Move/Nav ;)

      • And Resident Evil 5 does.
        But I’d love a good sword fighter.

  2. Hmmm…Might be worth dusting off my move controller for this. Heres hoping.

  3. sounds like Sonys answer to that crytec kinect title

  4. Jeez… that concept art is very nice although it begs the question of “how long would it take him to disrobe so he could go pee?” Saying that, perhaps there’s a colostomy bag upgrade.

    These are important questions!

  5. Concept art is nice. More move support is promising.

  6. Art looks cool, now where did I put my Move controller?

  7. Been waiting for another excuse to find my Move stuff. Only interesting stuff so far has been on-rails. Still if this turns out good and sorcery lives up to the hype then fun times will be ahead.

  8. Decent Kendo/Kenjutsu game now please, before my Move gathers that much dust that it becomes encased in a layer of sedimentary rock.

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