Realms of Ancient War Trailer

According to the PR blurb, the first section of this video is ‘more contemplative’ and lets us ‘appreciate the diversity and richness of the game’s levels and environments’.

Personally I would describe them as ‘pretty but empty.’


Thankfully the second portion has some action as the heroes of the game ‘face swarms of creatures and huge bosses.’

Developers Wizarbox seem to like their clichés as you can play as a Warrior, a dark Sorcerer or a Rogue ‘master of stealth’  and battle through ‘the four Kingdoms of Men, Elves and Dwarves.’

I make that only three kingdoms but perhaps the Elves are greedy and have two Kingdoms.

Realms of Ancient War  – or R.A.W.  for short – features 2 player co-op and will launch on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and on PC early this year.

Source: R.A.W.



  1. Meh can’t see the vid (blocked) but sounds a bit like Ugh.. why I have to wait.


    Is it good?

    • Well COD is horribly generic but still quite good.

  2. Looks nice.
    Hopefully it’ll play well too.

  3. Looks brilliant, similar to Trine. Is the co-op online or local?

  4. Oh good god, Mr Cub. Is the PS3 finally about to have its own equivalent of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance? That utterly smacks of it and I’d be a day one buyer if so (and I’ve only ever bought one game when it came out on launch).

    The PS2 classic had wonderful graphics and was one of the finest co-ops out there. Sweet chilli sauce of the fajita god! Please let it be a this-gen version of that.

    • Been playing lots of Crimson Alliance on 360 with some mates as that’s been the closest that I’ve found to BG:DA this gen. Would love for that to get a PS3 release as it’s tremendous fun.

  5. Looks a lot like Dungeon hunter alliance on psn and soon to be Vita, just with better visuals. Has me interested though.

  6. definitely reminiscent of last gen’s Baldurs Gate games.

    and i really enjoyed those.

    i surprised we haven’t seen a sequel to those this gen.
    with all the old properties being dug up lately surely that series is ripe for a new incarnation.

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