Syphon Filter, flOw and Daxter Heading To PS Suite

PlayStation Suite is a new framework that allows developers to produce games that’ll work across all devices certified for the PS Suite minimum spec.  That, naturally, includes PS Vita alongside a whole lineage of Android devices.

The ESRB has rated a few PlayStation favourites recently, with Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, flOw and Daxter all heading up the charge for decent quality PS-brand titles to make their way over to a broad range of tech, even if most of them will be ‘phones.


Whilst the last thing we want is the Vita playing host to nothing but old ports, the likes of flOw might kickstart thatgamecompany into making sure all their games end up on Vita.  Playing Journey on Sony’s new device would just be dreamy.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s why it was pushed back to 2012…



  1. As has been said by a few people on here, the PS Suite could be the making of Vita. This is the first thing I’ve heard about it for quite some time.

  2. Yay, hopefully some nice gems are built for the suite.

  3. It does PSP games too?
    Nice, I thought PS Suite could only do some PS1 games.

    Makes the decision of what my next phone will be harder. The superior tech of the Android phones, now with PSP games, or the iPhone with a bunch of apps I’ve already paid for (iPad).
    Plus Windows Phone just looks so goddamn sexy…

  4. Nice to hear more about the suite. Great idea I think to port across PSP games to run on android devices. I hope more comes of this.

  5. Playing TGC’s games on Vita sounds good at first but the tilting will also tilt the screen – which isn’t a good way to play imo. I know they re-jigged flow’s controls for the PSP but then it just doesn’t lay the same. The Suite still has plenty of potential though.

  6. Good old’ Daxter

  7. Anyone know if the PS Suite is coming to the PS3?

  8. When is PS Suite actually released?

  9. Do you have to buy stuff twice though? Crossover would be great, but not buying for each platform.

  10. They should make having trophy support a requirement, though this is still great news as I’m looking getting an Xperia Play (or an Arc) in the next few months.

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