Twisted Metal Goes Gold, Comes With Starhawk DLC

Today Twisted Metal producer Chad Cox announced via the PlayStation Blog that Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming racing/shooter hybrid has gone to press. Launching in mid-February, Twisted Metal marks the return of the PlayStation’s first flagship franchise with an array of insane game modes, modded vehicles and their unpredictable driver.

Cox also revealed that every new copy of the game will include a code for exclusive Starhawk content, a Sweet Tooth-inspired player skin to be used in multiplayer combat.


It won’t have everyone reaching for their wallets, but Sony is definitely pushing for cross-promotion, and more importantly, first hands sales. New copies of Twisted Metal will also come bundled with a coupon for Twisted Metal: Black, sources suggesting that despite Jaffe’s open claims, the game will require a one-use code to enable online play.

Source: PlayStation Blog (US)



  1. looking forward to TW.

    • Yes, i quite look forward to teamwork too! :D

  2. Looking forward to it mainly for the nostalgia.

  3. Looks like one of the most fun games of 2012.

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! TSA meets anyone?

  5. Jaffe has said it will be an online pass and a detailed reasoning behind it.

  6. Awesome. Wanted to cancel my Twisted Metal but won’t now. This stuff works.

  7. This is how online passes should be done. Bonuses for people buying new.

    • Yeah more should be done, its a great thing.

    • it still has the online pass though.

  8. Any news on a demo. Im interested but ive never played a TW game before so would like to try before i buy type of thing.

    • Yeah, David Jaffe said in his blog there will be a demo. No idea when it hits the store though.

  9. “Black” did a lot of damage to the franchise, in my eyes, so I’m hoping for a demo too. I’m not interested in playing online but a solid campaign would win me over. Definitely.

  10. I think online is where this game will be at. TSA Meets FTW.

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