Multiplayer Coming To Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Our review of Uncharted: Golden Abyss was overwhelmingly positive – it’s a great game, and, as Dan said, ” is a proper, 10 hour+ Uncharted adventure with very little in the way of compromise.”

It doesn’t have multiplayer though.  Not yet.


But that looks likely to change, as Destructoid say in their article today on the subject.  “When I asked one of the developers regarding multiplayer for Uncharted, he said that we should expect ‘something different’, and that an official announcement will be coming soon.”

What that difference might be is anyone’s guess – hopefully Bend won’t be doing a ModNation Racers on this but chances are this might not be a full online megathon like the PS3 Uncharted games.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon.



  1. This is awesome, when I eventually get a Vita, this will be the first game I get!

  2. Am I the only one here who reckons the whole multiplayer on Vita thing isn’t such an issue? I mean it isn’t as if you’ll be able to play a deathmatch over 3G, granted wifi is available on the move but not always particularly reliable. As for home wifi – surely we have our PS3s to play online with there?

    • Not sure. I’d rather play on Vita than PS3 just now, at home.

  3. Don’t want to spoil the party but “expect ‘something different’, and that an official announcement will be coming soon” is a bit far away from confirming online multiplayer.

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