UFC Demo Going Live

THQ’s mixed martial arts sim, UFC Undisputed 3, is out in just a few weeks. In preparation for its release on 14th February, there’s a demo going up on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store.

The Xbox Live demo should be up already and we assume the PlayStation Network demo will arrive with the rest of the PSN Store update later today in the US and tomorrow for EU regions.


We’re reliably informed that the gameplay sticks closely to the simulation-like approach of previous titles. This approach, which has possibly narrows the appeal to those willing to learn the intricacies of the control mechanisms, seems to be serving the series well.

The demo pits current UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones against current UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva as well as giving players the chance to play a match between former champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (wasn’t he B.A. Barracus?) and Wanderlei Silva.

With the rumours of trouble at THQ, a big hitter like UFC Undisputed could cheer everyone at the company up and give them a decent launchpad for future success.

Source: Press release.



  1. Huzzah! Was accepted to the Alpha test for this title, got a download code, which didn’t work, gutted. So delighted to read this, yay!

    You are indeed right sir, Quinton was B.A.

  2. Unusual choice of fights too. The fights between Wanderlei and Rampage are legendary, the third one being a dictionary definition of revengenance and the Silva/Jones matchup is increasingly talked about/rumoured. Though I’d still rather see GSP/Silva myself, it’s an interesting prospect.

    Would have expected Condit/Diaz or something to tie in with upcoming cards.

    • I think Diaz and/or Condit are linked to some pre-order DLC so that might explain why they weren’t used.

      It looks like they’ve stolen the EA MMA submission system. Hopefully next one they’ll steal the TSC striking mechanics and then we’ll have a game on our hands.

      Will still try the demo, but I got bored of 2010 so quickly. Feels more like Tekken than a sports sim.

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