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Never let it be said that I don’t listen to the readers, a few of you asked for Batman: Arkham City and here it is. Of course, my love for the game and all things Batman may have factored into the decision just the tiniest bit, but obviously it was the desire from readers that tipped the scales. Obviously.

There are those who perhaps aren’t too keen on Arkham City, feeling that the introduction of an open world detracts from the very focused nature of its predecessor, Arkham Asylum. Personally I really enjoyed having the city to move through, I felt it gave the game longevity and was wonderfully stylised. You are obviously free to disagree with me on the subject though.

I’m clearly not the only staff member who appreciates the second Batman title from Rocksteady, not only did Peter score it at 10/10 in our review, but it also came in third in our Overall Game of the Year award last year. I can throw stats at you all day though, its more about what we really thought about the game. To that end, here’s a quick extract from Peter’s review:

Rocksteady has managed to do something nobody else has in the two years since Arkham Asylum: they’ve improved on that combat system. Add to that the larger, more free-roaming play area as well as the masses of extra content and Arkham City is an exceptional achievement.

Allow a few of its necessary contrivances to go unquestioned (or even embrace them) and this is one of the most joyful videogame experiences money can buy. It is possible to focus on the negatives, particularly in the way the game’s launch was handled with regards to downloadable content and first-purchaser codes, but to do so would be to deny yourself one of the best games of this year.

Well that all looks fine and dandy but just how did you feel about it? Did the addition of an open world to explore excite you, or would you have rather had tight corridors? Did you get to grips with gliding, or did it leave you bored out of your mind? You can answer all these questions and more by simply dropping a comment in the handy box below.

Once you’ve formulated your well thought out opinion of the game, remember that you need to rate it on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. That’ll let me count up everyone’s varying opinions of the game nice and easily, allowing the community’s verdict to shine through. If you want your opinion to count though you’ll need to get in by Sunday evening at the very latest.



  1. I absolutely loved Batman: Arkham Asylum and playing through it with my brother, sister and my dad watching me was very very enjoyable. However, the sequel just didn’t click with me and I didn’t enjoy it in the slightest, the villains didn’t get enough screen time, to hullabaloo over the Catwoman online pass missions, to the gameplay mechanics just not feeling as natural as the first.
    Personally, I’d avoid it. That’s two avoids in a row I’ve done, I’m not trolling, it’s my honest opinion on the game from my own personal experience.

  2. Having not finished it, I can say I really enjoy it, but get frustrated at the combat system sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic, but when theres a group of thugs, then three or four special ones that each require their own move to take down, I get frustrated. Sometimes it seems like I have to be unnecessarily specific, and some of the thugs seem to ignore attacks and just spam you. But, much like others commenting, and Skyrim, I just can’t seem to get back into it. Oh, and catwoman seems pretty pointless. The bosses are pretty unique so far this time though, but I still hate the gadget selection system, can never get the right thing fast enough. I do like how they’ve made the predator sections better though, can’t just invert takedown then cut down then invert the next guy when he comes to investigate, they’re much more investigative, and intelligent. Probably still buy it, I mean, it’s batman.

  3. This is a difficult one for me. My first thought was how disappointed I was by the game, the combat system was no better than Arkham Asylum, the detective sections were worse than Arkham Asylum and the story just seemed to bounce around in comparison to Arkham Asylum’s. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed playing it, and realized that it’s pretty unfair to compare it to Arkham Asylum. That was probably one of the greatest games Ive played this generation, and Arkham city could never have lived up to it. AA gave the player a sense of immersion found in very few games, the small, well defined cast was easy to relate to and the enclosed island became familiar and it was simple to not get too distracted by trophies, as you could always return for them, finally it was easy to get lost in the little details, like reasonably unique enemies, ingenious easter eggs and all the voicework being very well animated (something most of batman’s monologues in AC missed completely(I know, very picky but it really disappointed me)). Anyway AC just lacked the charm and polish that it’s predecessor had, but if you try and forget Arkham Asylum there is alot of fun to be had.
    Ultimately this is proof that bigger isn’t always better, my verdict? Avoid it and rent Arkham Asylum instead

  4. Received it as a gift from a friend. Having utterly loathed the first I played it for a few hours to show willing but I could feel the aggravation growing within me as time went on. Like being trapped in a windowless room with music you despise growing ever louder as time passes.

    Just … no.

  5. Just finished the main story and still so much to do. This is how to create a massive expansive world that works. Skyrim would have been my game of the year but the bugs ruined it, so the honour passes onto this beauty. BUY IT!

  6. best superhero game ever

  7. Well given my fandom of all things Batman and the amount I enjoyed the first, this was a day one purchase for me. But after I was a few hours in, I realised I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as the original. Maybe that is because Batman’s gadgets were no longer cool and fresh, maybe because the original seemed so much more focussed on story without so many sidequests to distract or maybe it is because the new game felt like a simple retread of the original but with a larger play area to me. Having finished it, I still cannot really pin down what it was about Arkham City that just didn’t do it for me but sadly I’m going to have to suggest:

    Bargain Bin It (and don’t worry too much about missing out on Catwoman).

    • Oh yeah and I was really fecked off when I finished the game only to return to my savegame a day later and find that it had gone pear-shaped and corrupted. Luckily PS+ and its online storage feature saved me, but I still haven’t gone back to retread the last few hours.

  8. I’m amazed at the amount of mixed feelings here for what is, in my opinion, an extremely polished and high quality game. Everything I enjoyed about Arkham Asylum is still present and correct, including the best combat system in a game that I can recall.

    The story is interesting and once again really makes you feel like you’re Batman. Alongside that, the challenge maps, side missions and Riddler trophies mean that there’s absolutely tons to do in the game.

    One of the criticisms I’ve read a few times is that there are too many villians, and so each of them doesn’t get enough screen time to shine. That’s fair. On the plus side however, the boss battles this time are a lot more interesting and varied than they were in AA.

    For me, Arkham City oozes quality and absolutely deserves the praise it’s received. It’s a dead cert BUY IT.

  9. I loved it and am absolutely surprised by so many peoples hate for it. Once you get used to the combat, there is no game like it. Truely spectacular, and so freeflowing and rewarding. Nothing feels better than having a 100+ combo with a whole bunch of guys lying around you moaning.

    The open world setting to begin with was daunting but once you get your bearings, it becomes so immersive, and lively.

    They also massively improved the boss fights with some genuinely unique fights.

  10. I am part way through but I can’t help shaking the feeling that I wish Rocksteady had done less, so much less. I wish they had made a smaller more well designed map so that getting around wasn’t such a chore. I wish they had put in fewer villains so that each had time to develop as a character. I wish they hadn’t included all those bland side missions and dreary local surveillance conversations so that I could concentrate on the story. I really enjoyed the first game but the second seems like a step in the wrong direction. While I haven’t been loving it, I know a lot have so RENT IT.

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