WeView: Batman: Arkham City

Never let it be said that I don’t listen to the readers, a few of you asked for Batman: Arkham City and here it is. Of course, my love for the game and all things Batman may have factored into the decision just the tiniest bit, but obviously it was the desire from readers that tipped the scales. Obviously.

There are those who perhaps aren’t too keen on Arkham City, feeling that the introduction of an open world detracts from the very focused nature of its predecessor, Arkham Asylum. Personally I really enjoyed having the city to move through, I felt it gave the game longevity and was wonderfully stylised. You are obviously free to disagree with me on the subject though.

I’m clearly not the only staff member who appreciates the second Batman title from Rocksteady, not only did Peter score it at 10/10 in our review, but it also came in third in our Overall Game of the Year award last year. I can throw stats at you all day though, its more about what we really thought about the game. To that end, here’s a quick extract from Peter’s review:

Rocksteady has managed to do something nobody else has in the two years since Arkham Asylum: they’ve improved on that combat system. Add to that the larger, more free-roaming play area as well as the masses of extra content and Arkham City is an exceptional achievement.

Allow a few of its necessary contrivances to go unquestioned (or even embrace them) and this is one of the most joyful videogame experiences money can buy. It is possible to focus on the negatives, particularly in the way the game’s launch was handled with regards to downloadable content and first-purchaser codes, but to do so would be to deny yourself one of the best games of this year.

Well that all looks fine and dandy but just how did you feel about it? Did the addition of an open world to explore excite you, or would you have rather had tight corridors? Did you get to grips with gliding, or did it leave you bored out of your mind? You can answer all these questions and more by simply dropping a comment in the handy box below.

Once you’ve formulated your well thought out opinion of the game, remember that you need to rate it on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. That’ll let me count up everyone’s varying opinions of the game nice and easily, allowing the community’s verdict to shine through. If you want your opinion to count though you’ll need to get in by Sunday evening at the very latest.



  1. The thing I find with Arkham city is it is about evolution rather than revolution. Fine tuning, tweeking, expanding, very much like the comics themselves. The game improved on what came before, greater exploration, more taxing puzzles, the wonderful combat system, a bigger playground, and then wrapped it round an engaging story mode with excellent performances. Plenty of side missions and the huge amount of challenges add further longevity.

    BUY IT

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