Carrier Command Gaea Mission Now Arriving Q2

Somehow the reboot of classic 80’s game Carrier Command has managed to evade the all seeing eye of  TSA.  Thankfully executive producer Jan Kunt has some news.

“We’ve been working hard on getting all of the game’s pillars in place. Now everything is coming together, we’re excited to convey the Carrier Command experience and share our enthusiasm for the game.”

The game is now scheduled for Q2 2012 (somewhat of a slip from the orginal release date of 2010) and features a 33 island archipelago on the planet-moon Taurus with real-time weather changes and day/night cycles.


As well as commanding aircraft and ground vehicles there will be infantry and soldiers to kill in the ‘FPS sections’ – however the game will ship without multiplayer. This may be added by a patch or DLC at a later date.

The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, check out the screenshots.




  1. Wow! How the hell did this sneak under the radar? Will have to keep my eyes out for this one. Looking forward to hearing more.

    • No idea. Carrier Command PR need to shout louder.

      • Most deffinately. Although the PR man/lady was probably hiding in shame because he previously stated a 2010 release…

  2. now there’s a name from the long distant past.
    i never played much of Carrier Command, not being very strategically minded i tended to suck at it.

    anyway, if people are bringing back games from that long ago can i suggest to anybody who may be reading, and be in a position to do something about it, bring back Starglider. ^_^

  3. Any idea who is publishing this???

  4. While, “Yay! Carrier Command” is clearly the most important bit of information to gleam from this news, I think an honorable mention has to go to the executive producer’s name, there.

  5. I loved Carrier Command back in the day! I will be keeping my eye on this!

  6. Omg…. wants

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