Report: New Xbox Six Times As Powerful As 360

As rumours mount over an E3 showing of a new Xbox console (and, of course, a new PlayStation one) this year, reports are starting to emerge about the chipsets these new machines will be using.  The latest comes from IGN, who have gone on record stating a few cold, hard facts about whatever Microsoft’s next device will be called.

First up, though – a date.  “The next Xbox will ship to retailers in late October or early November of next year,” says the site, suggesting that it’ll have “six times the processing power of the Xbox 360.”

[drop2]Earlier reports from Fudzilla and SemiAccurate have pinned the same sort of dates, with production kicking off in a matter of months before the public will be able to get their hands on next gen for Christmas 2013.

However, IGN’s sources have downgraded speculation regarding the graphic chip, saying it’ll be based on the 6000 series, not AMD’s 7000 series.

In fact, they say it’ll be close to a Radeon HD 6670, which offers multiple display output, 3D and 1080p alongside support for DirectX 11.  This is what’s giving IGN the “six times” headline, but it also locks the console – in raw numbers at least – at around 20% greater performance than the upcoming Wii U.

The 6670 might be much better than the chipset in the current 360, but it’s not exactly cutting edge now.  Modern PCs are already way beyond what the Radeon can do, so it’s disappointing that Microsoft are – if this is all true of course – playing it safe (and cheap) with the graphics.

We’ll see.



  1. So nearly as powerful as the PS3…. MWUHAHAHAAHAHAA!

    • I’m wondering whether Sony are going to go all out in terms of power. Certainly they need to push beyond Microsoft this time.

      • Funny I thought that Sony might think they tried too hard to out do the Xbox 360 with the PS3. Maybe go a little more conservative this time, keep costs down, get more owners through value than outright performance.

      • I’m hoping so. I’d love for Sony to have the technological edge in both handheld and console gaming.

        I want something beast, screw the price.

      • Thing is you might be alone if it is too pricey. Then no games for you. Boo hoo… :(

      • but you have to remember its best to start a high price with future proof interior than low with low budget stuff that will be obsolete within a year. Look how well the ps3 is doing now in sales terms, all it needed was a firmware update and we had 3d etc. MS have to jump first because their machine is low budget, quick profit. I reckon PS3 has at least 2 years in it before PS4 has to be announced.

    • @tonyyeb – Ohhh, you beat me to it! ;-)

      • Thought best get it out of the way before the real trolls arrive. Hehe.

    • Of course you realise that the PS3’s GPU is generally regarded as being inferior to the 360’s don’t you. :-) Naturally the shoe’s on the other foot when it comes to their respective CPUs.

      • Was thinking the same

      • I thought the PS3 GPU was made by nVidia – who aslo made the GPU in the original xbox before abandoning it to help with the PS3, forcing MS to make their own GPU for the launch batch of consoles, resulting in the almighty fuck up that was the RROD debacle.

        So if that cost MS a reported $2bn (thats a ‘b’ and not an ‘m’) then that PS3 GPU must be really bad… ;o)

    • Was thinking the same thing when reading this xbox360 x 6 = 1/2 PS3 lol

    • Tony you legend lol

    • only better ha ha ha ha

  2. Uh oh, I smell a bit of a fanboy war about to start…

  3. Radeon 3D? Yeah right.

  4. The thing is, the console under you TV only needs to be able to hold 30/60fps at 1080p resolution. Gamers want cutting edge PC graphics cards to be able to run 3 monitors at that resolution or one or more monitors at something like 2560×1600 (WQXGA) or better.

    The designers of the PS3/360 slipped up this gen by failing to deliver on their ‘promise’ of HD gaming. I don’t expect PS4/XboxNxt to have similar problems even if their cards are, as usual, lagging somewhat behind the PC gaming world.

    • *your TV*

    • That’s a little blinkered. At the very least, the next gen consoles need to be able to pump 60fps, 1080p in 3D (so effectively 120fps). Anything less will seem like a pretty mighty cop out.

      Additionally, console owners already have had a taste of multi-monitor setups with games like GT5 and Forza supporting them – as a consumer I want to see that capability expand, not reduce.

      And let’s not forget 4K tvs starting to creep on the market…

      • To run 3D game worlds at 1080p60 in 3D (so 1080p120) with high levels of graphical detail similar to a PC on high-to-ultrahigh won’t be possible for a retail price of £400

        It’s all about making a system to fit in with an established consumer pricepoint, looking at billions MS lost on rushing an unreliable console out & billions Sony lost with expensive R&D and awkward architecture & manufacturing processes, I’m pretty sure both company’s shareholders will demand an easier ride this this time around, maybe following Nintendo’s example of being profitable right from day1 release.

        I just hope it is powerful that 3rd parties can produce 1080p60 games without bankrupting themselves in the process. If it has enough horsepower for 3rd parties to achieve that, then 1st parties will be able to go through the roof.

      • 4K on consumer TVs is a marketing ploy to make you upgrade your perfectly good Full HD TV. Except in niche situations you won’t see the difference. Many people won’t be seeing the difference between 1080 and 720 resolutions as it is.

        “console owners already have had a taste of multi-monitor setups”
        A very small minority of gamers will have gone to the trouble of assembling multiple consoles, screens and copies of the games, probably as a result of getting friends around. That’s not the mainstream gaming that the consoles serve.

        High resolution, multi-monitor setups are a niche gaming application and not worth the investment from the console makers. If it’s that important to you and the games continue to support it I’m sure you’ll still be able to buy multiple consoles, screens and games to do it.

  5. I think price and performance are going to be the deciding factors for which of the next-gen consoles I get. Would be nice to have it for next christmas too.

    • Release date will be a key thing for me, if Xbox is a year or perhaps more ahead then I can’t see myself waiting. If they’re released in the same sort of launch period then comparing them will be key.

  6. I’m a little confused after re-reading the post about the part where it says “with production kicking off in a matter of months before the public will be able to get their hands on next gen for Christmas 2013”. If production starts in say May, will they really by manufacturing this thing for 18 months or so before shipping to retailers?

    • Perhaps it means production will begin a few months before the public release, ie April/May 2013 in time for Oct 2013. 18 months does seem a long time for procudtion alone.

      • It’s a very long time, Foxconn and factories like that can change their production line around in a week or so & a few months later they’ll have millions of the things stacked up ready to ship.

  7. I must have missed a story or two, last I read I thought the Wii U was expected to be on par with Xbox/PS3 graphics. If the future xbox is expected to be 6 X the current gen, but only 20% more powerful than the Wii U then looks like I was severely underestimating the ninty machine

    Either way, think Sony need to get their rumour mill going pretty sharpish

    • You’re absolutely right, the rumours really don’t add up :/ I hate rumours, they’re so annoying, especially leaks, they steal all the fun

  8. Problem is both Sony and MS saw how many boxes of cheap crap Nintendo shipped. MS especially seems more interested in that casual market than the hardcore gamers who put the Xbox were it is today. I’ll be disappointed with any new console that costs less than €399 as it just won’t last.

  9. this can’t be true, surely? only 20% more powerful than Wii U?

    • Depends how powerful the WiiU GPU is, the PS3’s is pretty poor but the CPU takes up the slack… and then some

  10. If true MS are obviously running with the mantra that cutting edge is irrelevant, and going for merely improving in relative terms compared to the 360. It’s quite a gamble should PS4 go for more cutting edge as there’s a strong opportunity to not just outstrip that gpu in power, but absolutely trounce it.

    I completely understand it from a business perspective, but the relative-improvement-approach rather than using current tech winds me up as a consumer who typically wants items to be as good as they can be at launch, unless price represents the small generational change.

    The 360 used a gpu similar to the Ati X1950 I believe, a stand-alone card which launched the same year that the 360 launched. The 6670 launched April last year, meaning that at the 360-successor’s launch it’d be over 2.5 years out of date. If this is the card, they’re either going for a very low price point, or are planning to have multiple gpu’s in there, which I doubt, or have something special up their sleeve.

    • Agreed, but the Wii has shown the gaming industry a trick or two. It may well be that Microsoft’s priorities have shifted and it’s not all about the visuals. Thinking about it, this is something we’re going to experience more and more as we approach truly photo-realistic gaming – appreciate we’re not quite there yet but we’re edging closer with each new generation.

      For my money, I’d love the PS4 to be suitably powerful but more than that… I want it to be wonderful at everything. A great media player, have a great experience online with friends, feature-rich with solid resolution and frames per second more than pushing polygons to a new degree (once again, appreciating those two are linked).

      It’s an entire package of a console and Microsoft may well be recognising that.

      People want great games, not just great graphics. Both aren’t mutually exclusive but as titles threaten to look ever-similar I want to know the games I choose are wonderful for a wealth of reasons. Not just one.

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