Sony Downplays God Of War Footage, Says It’s III, Not IV

Hmm.  A video showing bits of the Santa Monica office appeared yesterday on the US PlayStation Blog as part of a promo for the latest The Tester winner.

The grab – below – clearly shows Kratos in an area that we’ve not seen before, leading some to (fairly) assume it’s actually from the much rumoured but still not confirmed God of War IV.


Sony, though, say it’s not.  “Sorry, but that’s old cut footage from God of War III,” said SCEA’s Kevin Furuichi, dashing any hopes that The Internet might have stumbled across a bit of a leak.

We don’t believe them.

There’s other bits of the video (like menu screens) that are blurred out, for starters, and Zeus only knows why employees at Santa Monica are still staring at bits chopped from GoW III.

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  1. There was loads of stuff chopped from GoW1 like the Icarus Wings they made into later games; also they always said III would conclude the trilogy, the next one wouldn’t be IV surely but something with a subtitle?

    • It’s a certainty that they cut things from GoW III, but like the Icarus Wings they can use it in later games. Perhaps what Furuichi says is true, but what he doesn’t say is that it’s still being used in GoW IV…?

      Or perhaps he’s lying, as the article mentioned; Why would Santa Monica be working on old cut stuff from GoW III in December 2011 (when this was supposedly filmed), long after its March 2010 release? God of War IV is why!

      And I hope it’s named with a subtitle, I prefer them over numbers.

    • Kratos never stays dead though. And what’s to saythey won’t use Deimos for GOW IV they are bros after all

  2. Oh, and so nice to see every one of the staff go and team up on an article. :)

    • It’s usually nofi, not multiple people…

      You an tell by the style.

  3. Yep. Thats that then. GoW IV is real.

  4. I hope it is God of War IV :P

    • God of War IV : Prologue?

      • God of War:Kratos goes to see a therapist?

  5. As if Sony would forget to edit their footage properly, now really.

    That composers CV did say God of War IV but it could be a working title for a Vita game or even a PS4 game. Besides, if I remember correctly, I think the leader of the GOW 3 team said that they would like to leave the series alone for some time.

  6. I’m hoping this is indeed from GOW3. The God of War series will only work now if they opt for a new protagonist (or they opt for yet another prequel…) That screenshot clearly suggests they haven’t opted for the former option.

    • Clearly I like the word ‘opt’ today…

      • Yeh it seemed to be your favourite “opt”ion……
        I’ll get my coat.

      • :D *high five*

      • tumbleweed.gif

        lol ;)

  7. If GoWIV can be passed off for GoWIII it’s a tad disappointing. However it is God Of War which makes it already 100 times more awesome than anything else.

  8. I hope it’s not, I’d like someone other than Kratos.

    • Same here. It’s still weird that they are presumably working on cut content of a game that’s already been released. Maybe the dev just opened a random project to make it seem like he’s actually working when he got surprised by the camera team… :P

      • Don’t think SSM’s GoW team have been twiddling their thumbs since May2010 though, once an engine is in place it takes 2 years to make a game so a release at some point this year is extremely likely and that’s even if you ignore all the leaks & whispers

  9. God of War 3 for Vita?

  10. It does looks kind of familiar.

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