The Darkness II Goes Cinematic In Launch Trailer

February marks the first wave of anticipated gaming releases including the return of SSX and Twisted Metal, with a number of sleeper hits such as Kingdoms of Amalur, Syndicate, and Inversion.

Into our second month of 2012, we’ll also be stalking back into the role of mafia don come limb-shredding demon, Jackie Estacado, 2K providing followers with a new cinematic trailer.


A number of TSA staffers have had early access to the game and have more or less reached a general consensus. Head and shoulders above the 2007 Starbreeze shooter, The Darkness II combines its most rewarding elements with polished, mainstream-inspired shooting mechanics.

One aspect that impressed us the most is the inclusion of quad-wielding; as shown in the trailer, players will be able to sink bullets into their enemies, also being able to toy with them through the use of The Darkness.



  1. Cool trailer.

  2. Trying my hardest not to buy this on release. It’s not going to happen though.

  3. Really looking forward t this game, looking at some preview footage online it seems really gruesome but so much fun!

  4. looks good, might have to have a go

  5. It looks good. I shall try out the demo today. :) I hope it sells well as it looks pretty unique. Plus, who doesn’t want to grab a lampost and impale some guy’s balls with it. What? *gets arrested for attempted murder* :p

  6. Loved the first one so i’m glad to know this is coming along nicely. trailer looks great. Also nice choice of song. Makes me want to watch Man on Fire again.

  7. Doesn’t sound like Kirk Acevado (Avecado??) from the first game.

  8. That was brilliant!

  9. Yeah that was a really cool trailer.

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