GAME Introduces ‘Fun for a Fiver’ Promotion

GAME has introduced its ‘Fun for a Fiver’ promotion.

From today until February 29th, gamers that buy selected titles will be entitled to trade the game in for credit within two weeks of purchase, meaning the game will cost just £5 (for example if the game costs £39.99, you’ll get back £34.99 credit).


The offer includes games such as Soul Calibur V, The Darkness II and Tekken 3DS, as well as selected pre-owned titles and gaming accessories.

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  1. It’s a trophy whores’ dream – £5.00 to borrow a game for 2 weeks! However LoveFilm still works out cheaper.

    • A heck of a lot cheaper really since you aren’t actually getting back the £35 odd, you are getting store credit. Quite smart from GAME since they know that in 2 weeks a games value will have hardly budged and can sell it on for say £2 cheaper than brand new and take 100% profits.

      • That would mean only making £3 more than a single new game purchase. I think they are relying on people forgetting to bring in back within 2 weeks.

      • True but they also then resell it at 100% profit.

        EG. you buy a game. GAME make say £15 from the £40 you spent ( im not too sure about their actual profit margins). You play, take back, and get £35 store credit. Game still have your £40 until you spend that. They then sell your game you brought back at £37. But now they have actually made £42 on that game. All profit to them.

        OK I might have made a few mistakes in that analogy but I’m sure you get the idea.

      • They generally make less than £15, I was working at Gamestation when Army of Two came out and they copies cost £42 and they were selling them at £45 (apart from my store as the manager hated selling a game at more than £40 so we sold it at that and made a loss) but normally they’ll buy a new game for something in the £30-£40 range.

    • No its its not. Its £40 to borrow a game for two weeks. You get credit for GAME back, not cash.

      And GAME show your £35 in the bank and reap all the lovely interest until you spend your credit.

      Well done, you fell for their scam.

      • BINGO!!!!

      • Yeah, great ‘scam’ buying a game for as much as it costs normally anyway & then having the option of trading it in for £35 and not the normal £18 that it is for recent games.

        If you do trade it for £35 then you can actually get 2 full price retail games for a total of £45, meaning an average of £22.50 and the cheapest (massively cheapest) place around including online to buy games whilst this offer is on.

        Some scam

      • No you get one full price game for two weeks and another to keep. You only ever own one of them, not two.

        What you get for your £40 is a game rental for two weeks (assuming you buy on day one) and one full price game to keep.

        NOT two full price games.

        Pay attention.

      • Yeh but what some people think is you are getting your money back. You aren’t really. Store Credit is not your money back. Still works out nicely if you know there is a game you want coming out. Buy one 2 weeks before and then trade in.

        But it isn’t a great deal just to try out a game. GAME are doing this to make money (as they should).

      • Nope, I buy games and keep them so GAME don’t make any second-hand profit from my games.

        Well, eventually I’m sure most people will buy a game they will keep, so if they get to effectively rent a few for a fiver a week until the end of February, it’s not that bad.

      • It’s good as Game don’t offer the 10 day return policy, you don’t have to bring the game back and alot of people will just play a game till finish so now where there are good but not AAA titles coming out (apart from ME3) you can play a decent game till you finish it, or get what you want from it and trade it in a keep the credit till your next purchase. I don’t see why people think store credit is so bad, we’re all gamers here we’re all going to buy a game again, and probably quite soon, so it’s a nice way to not lose too much money and still have a chance to play games at this time of year.

      • Also i don’t think the main intention of this deal is to “scam” people with the trade in and store credit, the main idea of this is to get people to come in when a lot of people aren’t buying games this time of year, it’s just an attempt to get people in the door.

  2. It’s like renting without the initial feeling of commitment. A good idea for marketing and promotion.

    • It’s like getting married, but then if it doesn’t suit you after 2 weeks, you can just sell her on for almost full price again, making that Thai bride purchase much easier to manage…

      Well. Kind of…

      • Except you have to be careful you want a Thai, because when you trade in, you can’t get Russian instead, they are the rivals! ;)

  3. A good idea for people who are unsure of if they’ll like the game, they’ll have the reassurance they won’t waste a whole £40 if they don’t like it.

  4. I used to exploit this all the time when I was a youngster. Buy a game day of release, play it for a week or so, trade it in, get almost all my money back and get another game. It was definately cheaper than renting at Blockbuster :)

  5. What happens with online access codes?

    • You buy a new sealed game and it comes in the box, if you use it, you use it.
      If you buy a pre-owned game it’s likely to come without.

    • Wouldn’t that mean they have to sell pre-owned at a lower price then or do they just not.

      • Thinking about this, I wonder if any of the games use online passes? Because you could just buy the game, play it offline, sell it back and keep the online pass to sell on ebay or something.
        I would imagine that they have thought about this ‘exploit’. Or hope they have.

      • They’re not selling the games as new, it’s a trade in so the game will be pre-owned, so online passes will probably be used. it doesn’t matter, that’s the reason why they’re in there, so you buy it pre-owned you’ll have to also buy the pass from the publisher.

  6. they’ve done this before.

    it’s ok if you were going to buy a game in a few weeks, you can effectively borrow one now for a fiver then get the one you want later.

    doesn’t really interest me though.

  7. SO its a try-before-you-buy scheme…when you actually buy and then return if your not impressed or have actually completed the game within 2 weeks? and pay £5 for the priveledge? Nah. Im cool thanks GAME. Prefer just to use Lovefilm or one of the postal order games services that cost £6 a month and you get more than 2 weeks and get 2 games at a time.

  8. Or you can go to blockbuster and rent a game for a fiver. Tis cheaper. ;) It’s not excalty fun for a fiver if you have to spend £40 intially and it’s basically getting a refund.

    Didn’t Game used to have a policy where you could return it if you didn’t like it?

    I don’t really fancy paying up to £40 for a preowned copy.

    • Yes, I used to buy almost all my games from them when they did that. I liked the insurance that you weren’t stuck with them if they were rubbish.

      Possibly how I have owned approximately 50 Wii games and kept about 6 of them.

      That said, I ended up trying a few games I thought might be dodgy and ended off loving them, like Crackdown, Condemned, the first Gears of War and the lego games.

      I don’t buy anywhere near the amount of games I used to without the safety net, and if the publishers greed destroys the smaller safety net of the preowned market, I will probably end up sticking with the Steam Sale and give up on consoles altogether.

    • You do realise Gamestation still do the 10 day returns?

  9. Thank you Game for a clever scam. I would rather just buy the game I want for cheaper online. Thanks but no thanks

  10. I took advantage of a promo that Blockbuster cocked up a few months back.

    If you preorder a game, you got a sheet of vouchers. One of the vouchers was ‘Get £2 extra credit on every game traded in in a single transaction’ So…

    Go to the bargin bin and buy all the £1 games.
    Trade them back in for 10p each
    claim you £2 extra per game = £2.10 trade in for a game that just cost you £1 ! :)

    Only got away with it once. Infamous 2 effectively for free was nice :D

    • You shrewd mother!

      Good work though. :)

    • Yeah, i’m always trying things like that, and getting other people too.

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