Learn How Not To Spell With Resident Evil Revelations

Someone at Capcom really made a catastrophic blunder with this one. Actually, probably rather a lot of people did for this error not to have been noticed before the game’s release:


Yes, that’s right, the box for the American version of Resident Evil Revelations does read “Resident Evil Revelaitons“.

This image of an early copy of the game sent to the press in the US has been doing the rounds on Twitter today.

Well, at least Capcom got the correct spelling on the front of the box. One out of two’s not too bad, right?

Source: Twitter



  1. My copy came out the same way lol.


  2. “Got they got”?

    • He unintentionally took a page from Capcom I guess lol.

    • It’s one of the rules of the internet. You must get spelling and/or grammar wrong when correcting someone else’s

      • ffff, I can’t believe I messed that up.

        Time for a stealth edit, heheheh. No one will ever be the wiser…

      • You bloody hypocrite :P

  3. Revelailtons, XD

  4. *Explodes* The English language is dying.

  5. LOL, awesome – one of the best I’ve seen. Another facepalmer was the synopsis on the back of Quake III on the DC, I quote:

    “Prepare to abandon every ounce of common sence”. and…
    “Drawing you into the depths of dispair”. and…..
    “Your only allie is your weapon”.

    Wonder if the guy responsible saw out his work experience or not.

    • That’s just aimed at the multiplayer shooter demographic.

  6. Gosh those boxes will be worth a fair bit in the future.

  7. It’s OK, I just got an email from Sony that said “it’s” in the title instead of “its”. =(

    • It’s spreading like some kind of zombie virus. Only more brainless.

  8. Ha Ha! *slaps hand on desk”

  9. conglaturations


    are they just being retro?

  10. That’s the kind of mistake we could milk for our amusement.

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