Morrisons Punting Loads Of Games For 98p Each

YMMV, but I’ve just been down to the local Morrisons and can vouch that this is indeed true, even though my haul was somewhat dulled by the fact that most of the games had already gone.  There wasn’t much left, but I did grab a couple of games.

For what it’s worth (if you’ve got one with a late night opening it’s worth a shot) Morrisons across England and Scotland (at least) are shifting loads of games that were in their already great £5 and £7 sales for just 98p.


There’s a full list here on HotUKDeals, but look out for Assassin’s Creed 2, Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, SOCOM, LEGO Pirates, Beatles Rockband, Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racers, the first LEGO Harry Potter, Super Street Fighter IV, BioShock 2, Medal of Honor, FIFA 11, DJ Hero 2 and Fallout New Vegas amongst lots of others.

Look out for a sticker over the barcode on the back that says either JAN SALE £5 GAMES or JAN SALE £7 GAMES, chance your luck if a game has this even if it doesn’t have a 98p sticker on.  Some are also suggesting that more games will be discounted in the coming days, although obviously I can’t guarantee that.

Like I said, it’s going to depend on the size of the store and whether or not everything’s already gone (in some cases, apparently, by the branch staff first thing this morning).  You could maybe call ahead and see?



  1. Ahh gutted that I wont be able to get to the morrisions near me in time :/

  2. Insanity. This is the only time I’ve had any desire to be near a Morrisons. Happy hunting to those of you that are!

  3. None in my local, yet.

  4. Probably the only chain of super market that isn’t in a 5-mile radius of my home. That said, anything would probably just as to my “to play” pile. Great news for those that benefit from it!!

  5. I was gonna go after work this arvo but decided against it. I have too many games and this would just be buying for the sake of it. I’m nit one to buy just to sell on ebay either. Hope some of you manage to get some decent games!

  6. So jealous… :(

    • Me too, I don’t think there are any Morrisons stores near me. In Oslo.

  7. I had a further look at the hukd thread. really pisses me off when some prick buys 33 copies of metro 2033 or whatever. wankers!

    • Just seen that, tbh I dont see the point as they sell on eBay for like 98p anyway

  8. No morrisons in my local area.

    • Same here, nearest is about 25 – 30 miles away.

  9. My Morrisons has about 3 games for sale usually, so it’s not even worth me checking.

  10. wow, pretty cool but i wonder why though? morrisons makes good money off of electronic goods so i cant see them phasing them out for good…. colour me interested :)

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