Wii U Out (In Europe and US) By End Of 2012

Nintendo have confirmed that their next console, the Wii U, will be released in Europe and the US by the end of this year.  Naturally, that also includes Japan.

The system was first shown to the public at E3 last year (albeit very confusingly) but will see a much more balanced, considered reveal at this year’s show.


Hopefully we’ll get some information on pricing, games and tech spec before then, though – but regardless, this hopefully puts some pressure on Sony and Microsoft to also show their cards.

Could be an interesting year.



  1. I just don’t see how the Wii U is going to win over the casual gamers that picked up the original Wii but I guess we’re all thinking that to some degree.

    It strikes me that casual gamers would be the worst to upgrade hardware or remain faithful and loyal to a brand. Anyway, time will tell and hopefully Nintendo have another success on their hands so as to put pressure on Microsoft and Sony to perform.

    • The Wii U has no need of enticing the casual gamers, IMO. Casual’s don’t look for power. They look for fun. The Wii pulls this off perfectly, and the technology for that system is at a point where it is more than acceptable, even for a good 5 or 6 more years I believe.

      They might use the Wii U as the powerhouse. The hardcore console for all core gamers, and they might keep the Wii support going but with mostly just the casual games like exercise games, mini games, etc.

      • I think that’s a fantastic point. It will be like the Wii is for the casual market and the Wii U is for those who find the Wii too child like and prefer what is coined as ‘hardcore’ gaming. It is a pretty smart move in my opinion as it will give them a larger slice of the hardcore market, especially considering the release is supposedly well before a PS4 or neXtBOX.

  2. If all these rumours of a new Xbox reveal at E3 are true, then Ninty really need to show off Wii U before then. The mass hysteria that will ensue at E3 could mean Wii U will be overshadowed by MS (and possibly Sony too).

    • I’ve read that the E3 2012 reveal is just a myth and that actually it will be an E3 2013 reveal. Not sure how much truth there is to that, but it makes sense to me.

      • I see no reason for MS or Sony to rush and react to Nintendo. Their systems still have a fair way to go. I’d put money on MS doing something in 2013, after thyve gauged the Wii U reception and take up. Other than that I hope sony do nothing, PS3 the longest legs.

      • I think MS will show the next gen Xbox at E3 2012 and release Xmas 2013. It gives them enough exposure and time to alter anything before public release. If it is revealed at E3 2013 then 6 months till Xmas won’t be enough time in my opinion. I agree with Jaffa though, they won’t rush to beat/match Ninty and will try to best possible product out in a reasonable amount of time,

    • @MICKY17
      Yeah, and it would also give MS enough time to copy some of the Wii U’s performances throughout that one year headstart Nintendo would gain…

  3. Think the WiiU & its secondary screen will be good, but am disappointed that Wii Remote will also be used to control games, a brilliant move bringing backwards compatibility & the Wii Remote to the system, but for me it should have been limited to only that & a higher fidelity version been released for WiiU games, unless the secondary screen tablet controller is the only way to go.

    • Yeah I’m not decided yet if I like that decision either. I guess its handy not having to buy a bunch of new controllers but I want new stuff :( lol. Anyone know yet if ALL Wii remotes are compatible or just the motion plus ones?

      • All, was the initial briefing.

        Think it’ll really limit the gaming style possible on the new system.

  4. PlayStation 4 please.

    • World peace please.

      • that will only come when everyone buys a PS4 ;-)

      • Booo PS4 suxxxx NeXtbox wins!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!1

        *World peace hope shattered even well before launch*

      • New convertible car please.

    • Bigger apartment please.

  5. come on Sony, shows your cards. Not falling for the Nintendo trap again this time. I bought a Wii, used it a few times and now gathers dust in the corner since then, shame really.

    • No, Sony won’t show their hand until YOU buy a WiiU, once you do we can all buy a PS4 and you come on here and comment about your WiiU gathering dust.

    • same here not falling for the wii u after the last dust collector.

  6. Surely, “You’re move Sony/Microsoft”? :-p

  7. The price and launch lineup will determine wether I buy this or not. I’d love to catch up on some great Wii exclusives that I missed after selling my Wii and HD Mario & Zelda & Mario Kart & Smash. Bros will most likely be enough to tip me over if it’s around the 300€ mark.

  8. The lady in this video knows which console she’s going to go for..

  9. Price the console for under £275 and give me Pikmin3 day of release and I’m sold :) Otherwise I’ll wait for a few more releases

  10. Just drop the price of the PS3 to £149(UK) & $149(US) at the same time as it(Wii U) comes out & that should hurt the Wii U sales LOL (i don’t mind the Wii U doing well anyway but not if its going to spoil PS3 sales) ;)

    • Not sure it would too much.
      The only thing which would affect PS3 sales would cause them to fall off a cliff is if the Xbox 360 fell to £99.99 and the Xbox3 came out at £299.99

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