The Witcher 3 Confirmed, Planned For PS3, PC, 360 Launch In 2013

According to Italian site 4news, Witcher developer CD Projekt Red has announced The Witcher 3 via its live conference. Details are understandably sparse though 4news is reporting that the RPG sequel will launch simultaneously for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2013.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was one of the best-received PC exclusives of 2011 with an Xbox 360 “enhanced” edition in the works for quite some time now. When asked whether CD Projekt Red had plans for a PlayStation 3 port, they didn’t give a straight yes or no, simply stating that “it would be stupid not to.”

Update: According to VG247, who reached to Michal Nowakowski of CD Projekt Red, there was no trace of The Witcher 3 at the firm’s conference last night, the VP of Business Development saying “I can assure you nothing of the sort was announced.”

“The purpose of the conference was to unveil the details of X360 launch of Witcher 2 with the release date of 17th of April 2012, launch on the same day of PC Enhanced Edition, and reveal of some new features for both versions we did not speak about before. That is it.”


  1. A port of a 360 game … that doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    • I guess it’ll be a port of the PC version

      • Ah, good. That sounds better, potentially at least :)

  2. NemesisWonderBra will be over the moon. He loved Witcher 2.

    • I’m not counting my chickens just yet…

    • To be fair, though. Who in their right mind didn’t love it? :P

      • I thought the first one was better.. Still really liked it tho.

  3. Really hope this is true. If there’s no PS3 port soon I’m just going to try it on the rubbish lap top

    • If you can run it on your laptop, then it is far from rubbish.

  4. 1 & 2 would fit on a blu-ray :)

  5. Yup, thought so. Was never announced.

    Oh well…

  6. I watched the live stream. No mention of Witcher 3. Other news sites would have already jumped on this if it were true.

  7. All I ever read these days are rumours, give me something of substance.

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