ModNation Racers 2 Set For 2012?

Publishers who want to keep their unannounced projects under wraps until they can unveil them at glittering press events, where journalists are plied with booze and tasty morsels still have some work to do to keep their next big thing out of the limelight. The reason for this is the regular stream of online résumés where individuals are only too happy to tell us what they’re working on, and even the publisher’s own job listings.

A potential sequel to 2010’s PlayStation 3 exclusive ModNation Racers is the latest title to have an unwanted light shone on it, as long-time Internet super sleuth superannuation has pointed out a couple of job postings at United Front Games, which when cross-checked with a Linked-in profile indicate a potential sequel is in the offing.

The job postings show that United Front want to add to their team with a track designer and an engine programmer for the completion of a AAA PS3 game, whilst Lucas Granito, a graphics artist, has said he’s currently working on an unannounced PS3 project having previously worked with United Front on MNR.

If I was a gambling man I’d be re-mortgaging my house and placing a bet on ModNation Racers 2 being in production and a release this year, I’m not a gambler though, so have hedged my bets and posted this as a rumour… for now.


  1. Whatever it is, I bet there’s no head-to-head online play…

    • Oh he went there all right! =P

      • How did I know that’d be mentioned? ;)

        To be fair, they don’t want to rehash what’s already been done in the original…

      • ouch !

  2. Wonder what will be different…

  3. By this point, they have to be doing it on purpose to generate early hype. The notion that publishers are oblivious to this happening is ridiculous, it must be intentional, if only to reinvigorate my faith in humanity.

  4. Loved the first game, but the load times took the piss.

    I’d be much happier with more standard tracks, a couple of new weapons and less customisation. That should perk the load times up a bit. Sure you could have a custom mode for people that want it and the amount of ruined it takes to load every possibility for each player, but it also needs a streamlined mode for those of us that just want to get on with it and race.

  5. The game must have battle mode.

  6. Really enjoyed the first ModNation despite it’s obvious not-perfectness. Hope the rumour is true, and that the track-creator will allow for more varied tracks right off the bat, I want to do space-levels, snow-levels, candyland-levels, chinatown-levels and volcanic-doom-levels! :)

  7. The game must load the same day that you insert the disc!!

  8. Despite the horrendous loading times, I thought the first game was a really good effort. While it was no match for Mario Kart the customisation was fun. Hope the second will be good.

  9. I think cutting down slightly on some of the customisation options is the only way to reduce loading times.

    the fact that whole levels with location of every cone, chicken & sheep has to download along with all the customisation options on people’s rides and their own characters, multiplied by how many people are in the lobby at the rate of the slowest up/downloader, there’s too many chances of bottlenecks and lag.

    • I expect that they will get the loading screen times down to what might be considered reasonable, but judging by how long and several patches it took them to improve the first game, I’d expect the loading times to be a brain aching suicide watch on the games release!

  10. Got the first one here, it’s never even been in my PS3. Should probably change that sometime…

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