Rumour: Final Fantasy XIII-3 ‘Inevitable’?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 might not be the last we see of Lightning and pals, according to US magazine Game Informer.


*Obligatory spoiler warning*


In its review of Square-Enix’s latest, Game Informer claims that the game concludes with a teasing “to be continued” screen.

Speaking about the finale, the mag writes:

“You aren’t even getting a complete story. The canonical ending (there are multiple other ‘what if’ endings) concludes with the words ‘to be continued’.

“After the credits, I sat in disbelief, wondering if I had done something wrong or somehow missed the true ending. I didn’t. Square Enix intentionally left the story incomplete. The announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-3 is inevitable.”

Square Enix has previously announced downloadable content for the title, which suggests that the cliff-hanger could be resolved by future DLC. However, GI claims that the ending is “not a scenario likely to be resolved with future DLC.”

Source: Game Informer



  1. How long will it last?

  2. Still haven’t touched XIII-1 yet :/

  3. Was this not in the japanese version of the game? Weird that we only get the news now. More Final Fantasy? I’m all for it as long as they focus on Versus XIII first.

    • It is yes, but noone seemed to take an intrest outside of Japan it seems. But like you, I’d also be happy with a second sequal aslong as it doesn.t slow development on Versus.

      • It’s been on Twitter for quite some time.

  4. No its Final Fantasy XIII-2-Two.

  5. FF just needs to die already. How can you have a game called 13-2, 13-3, etc? Milking at its finest.

    • Each game is different though, in at least some degree. Completely new storylines, characters etc with a couple of exceptions. The FF label is now pretty much like a brand, I guess.
      I’m personally not a fan of FF (despite what Roynaldo says he’ll do to me for that) but it doesn’t need to die, and I don’t really think they milk the franchise.

    • I don’t know what you are talking about. The naming convention of FF games makes perfect sense. Roman numbers are stand alone games while -2 marks a direct sequel. Every FF game has nothing to do with the other so without this system you wouldn’t know if it’s a completely new game or a sequel.
      I also wouldn’t call this milking of a franchise. So far we only have FFXIII and XIII-2 on the PS3. XIII-3 will be the third outing on the console. Naughty Dog released 3 Uncharted games on the PS3. Do you also accuse them of milking the franchise?
      Just because you don’t like a franchise doesn’t mean it has to die. Different people have different tastes. Please give your next post a litte more thought.

      • Are you working for Apple?

      • Oh please. There seems to be a FF game every freakin’ few months on multiple platforms, and now they have resorted to these ridiculous names.

        You don’t see Uncharted with a title like “Uncharted 3-2, Drakes Misshap” do you?

        I wonder when Final Fantasy XXIIXXXXXIVIIVVXXX releases? Probably later next month….

      • One of which being Type-0 and has been regarded as a great RPG? Theres milking and then theres trying to provide a great game consistently. (I said trying before anyone picks apart what I said!)

        Also, I doubt theyre will be another 100 Main FF’s within a month!!! Where would I find the time to play them!?

      • Yeah, and COD is regarded as one of the best FPS’s currently out there, yet that is being milked for what its worst.

        There’s no defending against what I’m saying. The game has been going on for years, its on most (all?) platforms, the story seems to be all over the place (I feel sorry for any new fan wanting to try the FF series out) and now they’re having to call one of their games XIII-II…

      • @Kaminari: Where did that come from?

        @Radiitz: Way to exaggerate. Did Square Enix do something to you personally that you feel that way? If you are disappointed with their current games then just don’t buy them.
        They do have a few spin offs and games that bear the Final Fantasy name without being a direct tie in to the core series. So what? Final Fantasy is a brand name that give the customer a brief idea of what to expect. Just read the Sunday’s Thoughts article. It’s just like with the Need for Speed games.
        As for Activision being accused of milking the CoD franchise… I don’t know how it was before the MW sub-franchise came out but currently we’re looking at annual releases with “a story that seems to be all over the place”, rehashed locations in the SP campaign and overpriced map packs (also with some maps from previous games, if I recall correctly).
        FFXIII-3 has yet to be announced and for all we know it could be a release title for the PS4. Square Enix said that after finishing XIII-2 they used the freed up staff to focus the work on Versus XIII so XIII-3 will probably release after Versus XIII which has yet to receive a release date.
        I really don’t understand why you are getting so worked up about this.

    • …Well isn’t there battle systems similar sometimes?

      Shouldn’t die but XIII should…

      • The battle system itself is more the certain genre of JRPG than a FF battle system, If anything FF tries to stretch it to it’s limits and change things up each new instalment in my opinion. The only true overaching themes with FF are Chocobos, Moogles, enemy types, some art direction and specific pieces music. But what is new is the world, characters, leveling systems, side quests, mini games, music (excluding specifics) and the most important aspect regarding RPG’s; Story!

        As for XIII dying, ill reserve judgment untill ive finished XIII-2, but at this point I’d welcome it.

    • It’s not really milking as they originally did it X-2. The only time I have seen an FF sequel with an extra TITLE is when the sequel ported to the DS. Because of how the franchise works they can’t call it Final Fantasy XIV because then the real XIV would not be able to be released. (I read rumours a WHILE back stating we would go up to at least and included XVI anyway)

      • Final Fantasy has been out for a year now. It’s the most recent MMO from Square Enix.
        Final Fantasy XV will be the next big release of the core franchise.

    • Like everyone else has said you would prefer to know which games are direct sequels and which are from the same series. Arguably Fifa is Fifa 1-2012, Fifa 1-2013 and nobody complains about that.

      If you was going to class any FF game as being milked why not FF7? (Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, Mobile phone spin off, Advent children). It’s just a series get over it.

  6. Meh give us FF 13 versus and Kingdom Hearts 3…

    • Agree with versus. I want that game badly!

  7. All I want is Dissidia 3 on Vita and I’ll be happy for a long time.

  8. A game that doesn’t have an ending in its own right? Oh dear, no good!

  9. Okay. I wish they would move on from the 13 universe but at the same time, am interested in what they would do with 13-3.

    I wonder if 13-3 could be a prequel as i think there is enough lore to justify making one and could be an excellent game.

    • I don’t think it will be a prequel because they mentioned that the story wasn’t concluded at the end and “to be continued” wouldn’t apply if the next thing was a prequel.

      • Maybe 13-3 could be a prequal and a sequal, remember there’s a time travel element to the story now! Hmmm maybe 13-2 is a prequal aswell!

      • Good point!

    • I don’t think they would make a prequel, especially if they left XIII-2 open. Besides the writer at GI could be wrong – let’s face it: HOW do they know DLC will resolve the ending?

      • @Adlemus – Lol: A Time Travel “element”? The whole game is BASED on Time Travel and something else I won’t mention in case some of you have not played the demo.

      • I was keeping it simple cause I know kerash didnt want to play the demo lol

      • Haha, thanks! I read the article word by word fearing I could get spoilered but still wanted to read the news…
        Saturday is the day! :D

  10. I wouldn’t oppose it, as long as this one gets concluded – and Lightning is the main character. Mostly that last part.

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