Ex-WOW Addict Creates Short Documentary on MMO Addiction

Third year student, Anthony Rosner, recently shared a project piece with the world-wide web, telling of his enslavement to MMO powerhouse, World of Warcraft. The seven minute documentary titled “IRL – In Real Life” charts Rosner’s second life in the realm of Azeroth, from his initial addiction and 400-day routine of continual play to his eventual departure six years later.


We’ve seen a number of documentaries that have tackled the subject of video game addiction, though unlike last year’s misleading Panorama special, Rosner’s short is entirely from his perspective without the input of specialists and psychologists, giving us a personal insight into his struggle.



  1. Cool video – Really interesting. I dabbled in a bit of Warcraft a couple of years ago, but after a couple of months of fairly heavy played… I just came to realise… There aren’t enough days in a lifetime to justify it. Hence why I can’t particularly stand somewhat neverending or heavily time consuming multiplayer aspects of games such as CoD.
    I love gaming, but I want my gaming life to be as varied as my real life, and not to overtake reality.

  2. I put 29 days of consecutive play into MW2. I thought that was way too excessive!! But 400, that is crazy! There is no way i could justify putting anywhere near that amount of time into any game! A lot of marriages these days last shorter periods!

  3. Wonderful video and it highlights how addictive something can be. The real crux of the issue is the personality (of the gamer) itself. I love playing games but they’re just that. Ploughed hundreds of hours into L4D2 but it’s just a game. Nothing more. Nothing less. I rarely ever become addicted to anything but that’s only me in the clear. Friends and family will hopefully pay more attention to loved ones. Especially those who game an insane amount. Sure, gaming can get you through some troubled times but look at what it’s masking and deal with that concurrently.

  4. I’ve never played an MMO and most of my social gaming is in person with friends. That was an interesting story though and i thought the video was edited very well.

  5. Weirdly it makes me really want to play WoW, but I have a wife and kids so that ain’t going to happen. Fair play to the guy and interesting vid.

  6. That was a really interesting and inspiring video, its nice to see someone promoting themselves because they feel like they’ve improved their lifestyle. I hope he finds himself a nice lady and successfully balances the rest!

    • Don’t count on it. Mists of Pandaria is launching later this year. I am joking, of course.

  7. That was a very well done and brilliant video. Highlighted the problems of addiction well and that you can get out of it! Fair play to him for making that!

  8. -“Remember to take all things in moderation (even World of Warcraft!)”
    a loading-tip in WoW

  9. That was a lovely bit of insight.

    personally ive never touched WoW and don’t plan on trying it (unless i become like rich) but this was still an interesting and even, at times, an inspirational short film.

    the only game im constantly playing right now is Starcraft 2
    which reminds me……

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