Paul McCartney: Video Games A ‘Fascinating Market’

Multi millionaire Sir Paul McCartney is writing new music for a video game.

Precisely which game has not been announced, however as he is a famous vegetarian and an animal rights activist I would hazard a guess the game is of a more genteel nature, rather than ‘Call Of Duty 14: Lets Murder Some F***in Seals’.


Speaking to German newspaper Die Zeit, McCartney said he found writing for games ‘exciting’.

‘A new computer game sells so much better than a new CD these days,’ said the crooner,  ‘Young people will hear my music for the first time in a game.’

Source: De Zeit



  1. Interesting but that is quite a good statement that modern artists should probably consider more. Video games really do sell a lot more than CD’s and if its a good game, the player may hear it a lot more than it would be played on an MP3 player simply because games aren’t competing with the rest of your music library, well at least not with the PS3’s limited music playing capabilities (sigh).

  2. I bought so much music from bands that featured in LittleBigPlanet… That game had such an awesome soundtrack.

    Likewise, there’s games that manage to merge the music in with the gameplay’s feel so brilliantly, like Wipeout or Shatter, that I’m then having a look at the soundtracks for those.

    Finally there’s the stream of truly fantastic music, in the more film industry tradition, for your Uncharted, inFamous 2, that kind of thing…

    • I’ve discovered so many bands through Guitar Hero…

    • Wholeheartedly agree teflon, over the years gaming has introduced me to an awful lot of great music, from groups providing music for games like LBP,Rez and Wipeout to original scores by the likes of Jeremy Soule, Jesper Kyd and Kow Otani. The release of soundtracks via the store a la Uncharted and Pixeljunk Eden has also been a very welcome addition to the PSN.

  3. And the circle is complete.
    Give my regards to Broadstreet.

  4. First time in a game?
    What about The Beatles Rockband?
    Didn’t Microsoft even wheel him out at E3?

    • Actually I read that wrong.
      He’s saying it’ll be the young person hearing him for the first time.

      Not really likely, but at least he’s trying to be humble. :P

      • I know they spent a massive amount of money on the licensing of the Beatles Rockband games – that’s probably what makes it so fascinating to him ;-)

  5. Great article TC, had me chuckling from the subtitle through “Let’s murder some f***ing seals”.

  6. He’s only 20 years behind Bowie

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