PSN Maintenance This Thursday

It has been announced over on the PlayStation forums that PSN Maintenance has been scheduled to take place this Thursday 2nd of February from 14.00PM until 08.00AM on Friday 3rd of February.

During the maintenance period, the following services will be affected:

  • PS Store (PC and Console)
  • Customer Account Management
  • Registration

HOME will be unavailable for the duration of the maintenance.

Users who attempt to sign in after maintenance begins may receive the site notification page. If you are signed in before maintenance begins you should remain signed into your online session (although the above services will still be unavailable).

Source: OPC



  1. Jeeesh

  2. X game chat!

    • Ha, someone just had to say it :)

  3. Vita Store!

    • Quite likely in fact, but I’ll expect this to be simply the warm up for the real Vita Store maintenance in early February.
      (Not that I know when it will be)

  4. Nothing at all!

  5. I for one am getting fed up of this, I’m sure what they’re doing needs to be done but it’s getting absolutely ridiculous these days.

    It only does everything… except on Thursdays.

    • “It only does everything… except on Thursdays”

      haha!!! brilliant

    • you can still play online.

    • Just leave your PS3 on and signed in before it starts.

  6. Phewwww!!!! it would have been justtypical for it to fall right in at the time of the MW3 Master Tourney, but looks like SCE have had a look at TSA and arranged maintenance accordingly…;-)

    • Sony as so thoughtful in their ways.

  7. I don’t understand why Sony can’t branch out to…. food delivery, it could work on the PS store like comics and Videos are a success on all platforms so why not add a food delivery tab on the next long ass maintenace bonaza…

    Partner with big supermarket brands + the millions of hungry gamers in the UK… and you’ve got a winner? they could then take that success to other countries then MS and co will jump in… Wow *cough* insane post.

    • That actually sounds fairly clever lol. In console apps for things like takeaway deliveries. Console exclusive deals. I bet they would probably get a fair few hits on that front!

  8. Is probably for preparation for the psvita?

    • I’d say so. Hopefully they open the Store.

      • Well that is for the psvita :P,so preparing for the psvita.

  9. Crikey, that IS a long one!

    Said the nun to the bishop.

    • Congratulations, you cracked the code! :-P

  10. ruddy hell. its getting annoying now.

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