Sony “Will Probably Be The Last To Announce Something” Regarding Next Gen

There has been much talk lately regarding the next generation of consoles. One of the biggest questions has to be who, out of Sony and Microsoft, will show their hand first.

According to PlayStation France CEO Philippe Cardon, it might not be Sony:


It’s true that there are many rumours, but I couldn’t tell you anything. The Wii is pressed for time because it is in decline. In our case, we have a lot less pressure. We were the last to leave the PS3, and will probably be the last to announce something.”

Cardon also thinks that a Monster Hunter game will be heading to the Vita this year. When talking about sales he had the following to say:

“The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the typology of the Japanese public. It lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, scheduled for the coming months. Had it been there from the start in Japan, the story would have been different.”

I loved Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, but a portable game with better graphics and improved online integration would be fantastic.

Source: Le Point



  1. “Probably” The most important word in this article

  2. Hopefully, when he says last, he means that Sonys press confrence will be the last of the 3 at E3…Please dont drop the ball again Sony.

  3. i think sony and microsoft are watching each other carefully, both ready to announce something, but on the other hand trying to extend the generation as long as possible.

    • I personally think it would be suicide for Sony to announce the PS4 this year, it’s way too early. Who would buy the new machine anyway? The ps3 is perfectly capable and I see no huge advances in tech that would make me or anyone else jump just yet.

      • “no huge advances in tech”
        Seriously? Play any recent PC game and you’ll see how far consoles are behind tech wise. BF3 is stunning on PC.

      • Plus a lot of folk who would buy a PS4 will also be buying a Vita so may be a bit short of cash.

      • Yeah one game may be optimised but to be fair most PC games are shoddy ports.

      • did you see the trailer for The Last Of Us? PS3 is still a monster mate.

  4. Sony haven’t learned then, it seems. If MS just market the new xbox well as a console far superior to the PS3 and in the next gen, I can see loads of people (myself included) jumping ship. I don’t want to hang around a year or two.

    • I’m quite happy to wait a year or to for the next PS. I won’t be tempted into to buying the next xbox even if it is released a year before Sony’s next gen.

      • I’ll be very tempted, I hate Sony now, MS seem to offer a far better service, and especially if the PS4 is going to be more expensive than the Xbox, I can’t see myself hanging around.

      • if you hate Sony now then you will jump no matter what so it doesn’t mater then really for you?

    • As of late, I’m finding less and less reasons to stay with playstation. Now I am earning a regular wage, I don’t mind paying for a subscription to MS Gold, which was the predominant reason I used my PS3 over my Xbox. I’ll get one most likely for exclusives, but if MS release a next gen console first, with no sign of the PS4 coming soon after, then the Xbox will become my main console.

  5. It will be last then. If thats the case, then they haven’t learnt from their mistakes.

  6. Nah not interested in a new playstation I’ll be more than happy to buy a new xbox a few years before the new playstation. Although I’m happy with both consoles as it is tbh

  7. The PS3 has regular issues with online gaming due to the piss poor broadband network connections in this country, so a higher tech console with much higher levels of data to push through those antiquated broadband phone line channels will be a real gaming pleasure online I’m sure. I’d like to see the whole broadband network in this country upgraded first!
    I’m probably wrong but it seems to me like they’ll be trying to play a blu-ray film on a VHS video player!

  8. Well I’m sold on a new PS before they announce it. I just can’t help myself.

    • same here will give the xbox ago till the PS4 arrives maybe.

  9. Just keep concentrating on the now please Sony, and get The Last Guardian released,please!

  10. I predict an E3 announcement for next Xbox and a TGS announcement for next Playstation.

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