Soul Calibur V Gets a Launch Trailer

Soul Calibur V launches this week, and to make sure absolutely everyone knows about it  a launch trailer has been released. Starting off with a bit of cosplay, and what looks like an Insert Coin Tees Assassin’s Creed hoodie, it quickly gets to the gameplay.

I managed a very brief go on the game at the GMAs last year, and even then it was pretty good. Expect our review soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. Cannot wait to get this on Wednesday.
    I love Fighting games

  2. is that the same guy that does the “resident evil” bit at the start of those games?
    sounds like him. ^_^

  3. gonna buy it.
    no need to say more =)

  4. Never been huge on fighting games but I’ve always had one in my collection.
    Soulcaliber has always been the strongest choice for me. So might check this out.
    Just picked up Mortal Kombat for the 3D support last week so that’ll keep me happy for now.

  5. Do my eyes deceive me.. Or did I just see Soul Blade/Soul Edge costumes on Voldo (1:06) and Cervantes (1:10)?
    Regardless, I can’t wait :D

  6. Pre-ordered, I’m just a whore for fighting games.

  7. With all these cameos, it’s kinda turning into a Super Smash Brothers with swords

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