Best Buy Listing Suggests Cheaper PSN Prices For Vita Games

Although the Japanese PSN Store has discounts for digital download versions of Vita games over their retail equivalents, nothing has been confirmed for the US and UK.

However, it looks like, in the US at least, the same may well apply.  Retailer giant Best Buy appears to be gearing up for selling pre-paid cards for the games at around $5 lower than the RRP of the physical versions, which gives us some insight.


There’s some prices listed at the link below, including a couple we previously had no idea about price – Stardust for $10, and Escape Plan for $15.

Whichever, that looks like around a 10% discount.  Now all we need is confirmation that SCEE will do the same for Europe.

Source: GAF.



  1. Hustle Kings is $10 too apparently.

    • Hope it’s at an equivalent price here.

  2. Hope SCEE are planning something similar. If they can knock off anything up to £10 for some digital versions then that would be good news. Wishful thinking probably. Stardust for $10 sounds like a steal.

    • I’m pretty sure that is stealing tbh. Great price.

      Now for SCEE to break the trend ;)

  3. That’s really all they need to do to get people to buy digital: discount games by as little as $5.

  4. Discounts are off RRP tho. Most retailers will already be undercutting these psn prices with physical carts.

    • Good point

    • Better than nothing though, at least digital will no longer be insanely overpriced.

  5. I bet we get ripped off. Sorry, that’s my cyincal side talking. It’s just that i no longer trust SCEE with these things. :)

    Hopefully, they will surprise us and make Vita games cheaper then their phyiscal counterparts.

    • Nobody trusts SCEE with these kind of things. :P

      Hopefully they pull through for us though. Just this once.

      I must ask, what’s the point of buying the prepaid card to download the game, unless it’s reduced even further in store?

      • Perhaps people don’t want their credit card details on PSN. We all know what happened last year after all…..

      • I don’t want my credit card details on PSN anymore. Not bought anything since the hack, mainly because (it could be pure coincidence) my account was broken into and thousands transfered else where. It had not happened before, but like I said, it “could” be pure coincidence.

        Because of that I don’t trust SCEE with anything, another reason some people prefer physical media still.

      • Neither have I.

        Bought some PSN credit via those little cards at the weekend and entered the code.

        Same with Xbox 360, btw, I just don’t trust them.

  6. Yes but those games are digital only anyway so there’s no proper comparison.

    Those games are just equivalent of standard PSN games at the £8-£12 price range which is cool as i’ll have a £5 of one of those games from pre-order pack.

  7. Go digital!

    • I already did with the PSPgo.

  8. Argos are advertising WipEout as 29.99GBP & Uncharted at 39.99GBP in store.

  9. With SCEE track record, there is no doubt, it will arrive a few months late and more expensive than buying it in the shop.

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