Risen 2: Dark Waters ‘Treasure Isle’ DLC Announced

Deep Silver has announced the ‘Treasure Isle’ pre order bonus DLC for Risen 2: Dark Waters. The DLC includes an extra quest line which focuses on  uncovering Captain Steelbeard’s treasure, which is a unresolved plot from the first Risen game.

The Treasure Isle quest will take players to a new island, offering new environments and a DLC exclusive item which grants the player’s character a permanent stat bonus. The DLC will introduce the character of Harlok,  a member of Steelbeard’s crew who knows the secrets of the treasure  but needs help to get it.


After launch, Treasure Isle will be available to purchase for £8/800 MS Points. Risen 2: Dark Waters launches April 24th in North America and April 27th in Europe on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Press Release