The Dead Space Moms Are Back

Remember the rather amusing ‘Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2’ campaign that EA ran to promote the sequel?

No? Well check the video below, paying careful note to the Moms and the lovely wood panelling behind them.

Now go and look at the backdrop of – it’s the same Moms. Now, why on earth would they be back? And why would they have an ‘M’ for Mature rating?

And why am I asking all these questions? Dead Space 3 innit.




  1. An early release next year for a two year turnaround? Ideal. Hopefully it gives me the enjoyment the first one did. Wasn’t overly enthralled with the second though I couldn’t really put my finger on why. :/

    • Same. But hopefully they will return to the more atmospheric foundation that made the first so good!

      • But what about the hand cannon – Pew!Pew!Pew!

      • unfortunately I never had it myself :(

        I liked seeing yours though (the pants cannon was better!)

      • Hmm, innuendo..

    • Agreed aerobes, i too loved the first one & got quite heavily invested in the second one for about an hour or two, but something is missing from the second one that kept the first so gripping & i can’t quite work out what it is.

      The second one is full of win on paper (more & better weapons, more necromorphs, bigger playground etc), but for some reason, it just isn’t quite as engaging.

      • That was all i could play of it too, i actually found it unplayable (for me) as i found the framerate just couldn’t keep up when i was trying to target enemies, especially the bit with all the ‘baby’ critters attacking you.

      • Really, was that on PS3? I found the graphics, smoothness and frame rate excellent throughout?

      • Yes, it was on PS3. I haven’t heard anyone else mention it before though so it’s odd it just affected me.

      • Are you sure it wasn’t the framerate of your eyes instead?? :P

        Or maybe someone stood next to you constantly waving their hand back & forth in front of your face really fast?? :D

      • Shame that ruinned your experience, as it’s really enjoyable!

  2. More good work Tuffcub, with your Eagle-Eye.

    I hope it’s out soon, DS2 was my favourite game of last year – bring on the necromorphs please!!

    • “Bring on the necromorphs” just made me think of “Bring on the wall!”.

      Now i have some bizarre notion that either Isaac or the necromorphs will be replaced by Dale Winton.

      • Dale Winton DLC, with a new trolley weapon!

      • Or the penatrator from Saints Row.

      • Dale Wintons “weapon” I mean.

      • The Wintonator???

      • I don’t like where this is going…. :/

      • Ha penatrator or wintonator would be awesome names to have instead of member. ;)

      • Actually, Member penatrator would be even better.

      • I’m sorry, i’m afraid that ‘Member Penetrator’ is reserved exclusively for Bunimomike. :)

  3. Ooh yay, another possible announcement of an announcement ! My favourite.

    • To be fair, since there is no release date confirmed yet, this is as good as indication as any that it could be releasing in the near future, opposed to a years time. (Or it could mean nothing). Either way, DS fans like me can get carried away with the propect! :)
      And to be fair, had I seen those margins on GameTrailers, I’d have probably thought it was an add for Loose Women or something equally shite and just ignored it.

      • *prospect (fail)

      • Ah come on, EA would have known that sites like this would pick up on it and then it would start spreading in to news articles. It’s quite clever really.
        I’m not complaining, I’m really looking forward to DS3! Just a bit bored with teasers of teasers if indeed this is what it is.
        I’d be surprised if DS3 is going to be out this side of the summer though. I’d imagine they are going for a Halloween 2012 release.

      • Sure, but I quite like the subtlety of this approach – these journalists are having to work for their biscuits! :)
        I do hate the so-called teaser trailers that show nothing about the game, they are far more annoying!
        It certainly seems early to be giving DS3 a near future date – as you say I suspect it won’t be out until the end of the year, or 2013. That said, I should think most developers, even EA will avoid the November/CoD period!

  4. Possible announcement of Dead Space 3? Let me get my plasma cutter ready.

  5. DS2 was awesome! Can’t wait for the snowy climate in the third game

  6. Only just completed DS2 this week and loved it. Finding out what antics Isaac gets up to next cannot come soon enough.

  7. Just give me a plasma cutter and I’ll be happy no matter what they do with the game to be honest, awesome weapon :)

    • hell yeah to that yodog the plasma cutter kicks ass

  8. You are a PR mans worst nightmare and our answer to Poirot.
    Fastastic sleuthing once again tuffcub.

  9. MIssed this campaign the last time around, that is pretty amusing. I would dread to think what my mum would make of Dead Space 2, though she likes Cliff Richard and he’s fit right in on the Sprawl.

  10. I look forward to hearing more details about Dead Space 3. I loved the first two so this is near the top of my anticipated games.

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