Rumour: Halo 4 To Be Shown At The End Of This Month

[drop2]Looks like Microsoft are ready to demonstrate Halo 4, at least to press.

Finnish magazine Pelaaja has mentioned this in their latest issue, and someone has posted a tweet of the page in the mag illustrating the fact that Microsoft will be having a Spring Showcase on the 29th of February.


One of the games to be highlighted is Halo 4, according to the image.

We’ve also heard rumours that the game is currently being shown to UK press, although we’ve not had our invite through yet…  Let’s hope there are some other nice titles shown too, Xbox has been slow with exclusives of late.

Spring Showcase is a regular, annual event for the manufacturer.

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  1. What’s lovely?

    • I know you’re being sarcastic but there are actually people out there who like the Halo franchise. I’m looking forward to Halo 4 and would love to see some new footage.

      • I’m not sure he was being sarcastic to be honest – I don’t really understand the sub heading either if I am honest.

        Exactly what is lovely (apart from the fact that it might be being announced here/shown there)?

      • We haven’t seen that much from Halo 4 so far so it would be lovely to get more info on that. Maybe some gameplay footage?

  2. Am I right in saying that we’ve seen no footage of this yet?

  3. After really enjoying Reach I’ve tried to get excited for this game but I just can’t do it. The Halo series has been milked dry and it’s time for Microsoft to sit back and think of a new exclusive.

    • Comment of the year! My mum always did say that if you have nothing constructive to say, then to say nothing! :P

      I am of course kidding – Is this no comment thing a glitch though (i don’t recall it allowing you to make a comment with no words)?

      • Looks like I have found a no comment glitch :)

        You summed it up perfectly though – mum’s are usually always right.

    • Lmao

      • All I have to say is…. genius.
        Loving these type of comments throughout.
        Now for Halo 4 well last game I played was Halo 3 and never played them other Halos so, will keep an eye out on this and might be able to dust off my 360 and to renew Gold aswell!

  4. About time. My most anticipated game of 2012. Finally, a shooter that’s different from the rest-and most probably a good one.

    • I wouldn’t get so excited were I you. This isn’t being made by Bungie and you are extremely premature in labeling this both different and good.

      343 will probably stick to what Bungie made as closely as possible and whether they will actually do a good job of aping Bungie we won’t know until it’s out.

      • I’m confident this will be good, despite not seeing anything yet. The fact that it isn’t being made by Bungie isn’t a problem at all, seeing the amount of talent in 343i. They have guys from Pandemic, Treyarch, and the rest I forget, but with that amount of talent it should be good!

        Nothing wrong with being excited over one of my favourite game franchises. Isn’t that the point?

      • The Halo Anniversary Edition was great and that was made by 434. They had a template but I’ve seen worse remakes made by the actual dev teams.

  5. I thought it was coming out this month anyway. :O I am surprised at the lack of footage as exclusives usually get promoted more then multiplat games.

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