Simpsons Arcade Delayed A Week For Plussers

Just a quick heads up for anyone looking forward to The Simpsons Arcade today as part of the PlayStation Plus update: it’s not coming until next week.

According to the PlayStation EU Twitter, the game has been delayed.


“Sadly, we are now unable to publish The Simpsons Arcade in PS Plus until Wednesday 8 February, and not today as listed,” says the bulletin, pointing people back to the original Plus update post.

Ross McGrath explains further.

“Konami have contacted us this morning and informed us that The Simpsons Arcade will need to publish on February 8th to be in line with the game’s release on Xbox Live Arcade and in SCEA.”

“Unfortunately, this is not something I have the power to change,” he said, “and it means you won’t be able to get your hands on The Simpsons until next week – February 8th. Believe me, I’m as disappointed as you are.”

The game will still be available for four weeks, we’re told.



  1. Gutted. Oh well, never mind.

    • Yeah, that should cheer you up Tony!

  2. Man, SCEA gets all the good stuff and we then have early releases delayed due to them pesky buggers!

    • Now Konami has officially announced Simpsons Arcade will be coming early to Xbox Live Arcade on February 3…

  3. Boo. Was going to have a retro gaming weekend with my mates playing this, Turtles In Time and and MK2 with a few beers this weekend.
    Ah well, guess we’ll have to postpone that

    • Man, what an awesome weekend it will eventually be though!

  4. Microsoft…..

  5. I just came off mag to download it gutted :-(

  6. When I picture the SCEE offices I just imagine a bunch of hipsters sitting around trying to out-hip each other. They have no concept of process or professionalism. “Check with the publisher if we can push this free game to our oft-maligned user-base? That’s so 2000s, man. You just say you can and be edgy like that. Who cares about checking shit? Checks are for chess players, man.”

    • Ditto. I love Plus, but this unprofessionalism has to end. How f’in difficult is it to check whether the game can/will actually be published.

  7. Bah. Screw you Microsoft. Screw you America. ALL OF YOU.

  8. WTF! For once we’d have something before SCEA, we’re not getting it!

    So basically, the new Plus month has started & we get nothing.

    Way to f* up a great gift, Sony.

  9. Sigh

  10. Positive spin from SCEE: “Simpsons Arcade, now a week more Retro than it could have been”

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