Metro: Last Light Pushed Back Into 2013

During an investor call held yesterday, THQ announced that post-apocalyptic sequel Metro: Last Light won’t make its Q3 2012 release as originally planned. The publisher, who yesterday axed 240 staff, has issued more time to the game’s Ukrainian developer 4A Games, Last Light now being scheduled for an early 2013 launch.

Metro 2033 was far from being an exemplary first person shooter, though the unique premise, gritty atmosphere, and odd combination of mechanics secured a generally positive reception from fans and critics. The sequel will be launching for Xbox 360, and PC, with the series also making its debut on the PlayStation 3.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. ‘Was far from being an exemplary first person shooter’.
    What, you mean it was actually good?
    Anyway, gutted by this news, I really want this game, thought 2033 was absolutely brilliant.

  2. Picked up the original last night for £4. Good to know I have bags of time to play through it and get up to speed for the sequel heh

  3. I thought that the title said “Metro: Last Light Pushed back Into 2033”.

    Thought it was a bit ironic…

  4. And the pushbacks begin

    • Just wait until the Warhammer MMO gets put back to the year 4000.

  5. I thought the first was a fantastic game and Last Light /was/ my most anticipated for this year. As long as it doesn’t get cancelled, I don’t mind. There’s plenty of other games piquing my interest this year.

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